Ready for the iPhone 7?

Ready for the iPhone 7?

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Ready for the iPhone 7?

on iOS Developers at Sep 07, 2016 14:31

The new iPhone 7 will be shown in a couple of hours... what do you expect?
Victoria Brinsley

Re: Ready for the iPhone 7?

on iOS Developers at Sep 08, 2016 11:41

The most important thing that i liked in iPhone 7 is its earphone features. One of the most controversial decisions has been to remove the headphone jack, instead shipping the phone with a pair of Lightning EarPods - which connect through the charging port - and wireless Apple AirPods, powered by a W1 chip. To get more info about iPhone application development then please visit to...

Re: Ready for the iPhone 7?

on iOS Developers at Sep 28, 2016 08:57

What's new in iOS 10 with iPhone 7 for developers ?

Extend iMessage with stickers and more
Animations revisited
Transcribe speech with SFSpeechRecognizer
Super-powered notifications
Hook into Siri with SiriKit
ReplayKit goes live
Map Kit

This is will give opportunity to developer to integrate app with iMessage, Map and Siri. and we are ready for it. iOS10 development has been started.

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Christie Rodriguez

Re: Ready for the iPhone 7?

on iOS Developers at Oct 10, 2016 13:45

The earphone features.

Re: Ready for the iPhone 7?

on iOS Developers at Oct 28, 2016 07:34

It definitely is the best iPhone till now. :ugeek::ugeek:
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