Ninantic’s Pokemon Go Joins Apple-IOS

Ninantic’s Pokemon Go Joins Apple-IOS

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Ninantic’s Pokemon Go Joins Apple-IOS

on iOS Developers at Sep 12, 2016 08:49

The new platform for the most popular and much hyped game, The Apple Watch.
IOS app developers have integrated Pokemon Go on your wrist, in Apple watch series2. It is set for launch this year by Apple.

What does the Apple watch display

The highly technologically sophisticated and the most stylish Apple watch displays:
The distance required to hatch an egg.
Qualifying points to reach next-level.
Calculates the player’s burn-out calories and the fitness levels.
Pokemon is seen at the watch when a poke-stop is near to the player.

According to the Ninantic Labs, the number of Pokemon Go downloads has reached 500 million since its launch. Players can explore new horizons of the real-world and capture the Pokemon Go creatures.

Re: Ninantic’s Pokemon Go Joins Apple-IOS

on iOS Developers at Oct 28, 2016 07:20

Pokemon Go has failed to stick with its users. A lot of them have actually stopped using the game completely. What can be the reasons for this? :geek::geek:
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