iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

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Sam Goody

iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

on iOS Developers at May 07, 2020 13:32

I'm using iPhone 7 (iOS 13).
I did jailbreak my iPhone for install some apps. I think that is the case. What should I do to fix this issue? Can anyone give a solution?

Thank you.

Re: iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

on iOS Developers at Jun 19, 2020 09:58

yes, this is happening because of jailbreak. The best part of the latest version where you don't need jailbreak. Apps can be downloaded so easily.

Re: iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

on iOS Developers at Jul 01, 2020 14:19

For iPhone stuck on Apple logo, try the following:
1. Force restart the iPhone: On iPhone 7, hold down the power button while at the same time pressing the volume down button.
2. Recover iPhone in recovery mode. 
To put iPhone 7 into recovery mode:  Power off the device, then press and hold the side button until the iTunes connect prompt displays on the screen.
3. Use an iPhone system recovery tool like Joyoshare UltFix, Wondershare dr.fone, etc. Such tools can fix the issue without any loss.
4. Visit the Apple store if the above methods cut no ice.
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