Children and Twins-Stay Away from Face ID

Children and Twins-Stay Away from Face ID

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Children and Twins-Stay Away from Face ID

on iOS Developers at Sep 28, 2017 15:23

Apple announced that the Face ID, the new authentication system, being introduced in iPhone X will be safer than the Touch ID. However, it forgot to mention about twins and children younger than 13 years old are not supposed to use it, since the probability of ‘false match’ is higher in them.
Does that mean the twins have to rely on passcode? :o Do you think this would affect the sales of Apple’s new phone? Will the Apple users be content with Face ID feature?

Re: Children and Twins-Stay Away from Face ID

on iOS Developers at Oct 12, 2017 15:35

Great question AppInventiv!
However, we recommend you to read Apple’s Face ID white paper and Face ID Support Document whose links I am sharing below:
Whitepaper link:
Support Document link: ... _Guide.pdf
These documents state that Face ID is a secure mechanism and uses highly advanced TrueDepth camera. This camera has a unique speciality. It captures your accurate face data by projecting and analysing over 30,000 invisible dots. This creates an in-depth map of your face and stores it an algorithm in a portion of A11 Bionic chip.
Now, let’s consider the scenario you mentioned in the question, i.e. what if a kid under 13 years or the twin of the iPhone owner tries to log into the phone using your FaceID?
In that case, the TrueDepth camera will immediately sense that the person who’s trying to login is not the actual owner as no two people can have exactly the same face, even if they’re twins. This is the power of the TrueDepth camera. No one can fool it. It is so secure that we can’t even hack it.
Hence, we don’t think that there’s any possibility of False match in iPhone X Face ID feature. Apple knows this very well. Perhaps that’s the reason they didn’t mention about it during announcement.

Re: Children and Twins-Stay Away from Face ID

on iOS Developers at Nov 22, 2017 10:41

After some weeks of having the device on the market, what do you prefer? Touch ID or Face ID? As Apple said when introduced the iPhone X, the newsecurity system was more safe than the previous one.

But as users, which kind of security system do you prefer?

Re: Children and Twins-Stay Away from Face ID

on iOS Developers at Jan 02, 2018 14:08

Apple does things and does it right. well....efficiency is the first target to meet while adding a new feature, therefore if an error free authentication is available it does not matter if it comes with few cautions!!!

Re: Children and Twins-Stay Away from Face ID

on iOS Developers at Jan 12, 2018 14:12

It was one of the most expected rumours, what was going to happen with the Touch ID when the iPhone X was planned to get rid of the home button and what was going to be the substitute unlocking feature for the new phone. Some of the rumours was that Apple would implement the Touch ID sensor under the screen of the iPhone X and not a Face ID as it finally happened.

Now, though, Vivo phone shows off first in-screen fingerprint scanner launched at this year's CES in Los Angeles. This new phone uses a small sensor implemented under the screen to allow to unlock the phone using this new first screen fingerprint scanner for phones.

Does any mobile app development company think this is a good move by Vivo?
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