Apple Watch Review

Apple Watch Review

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Aina Marimon

Apple Watch Review

on iOS Developers at Apr 24, 2015 14:17

All you want to know about Apple Watch is here:

Enjoy it :)

Re: Apple Watch Review

on iOS Developers at May 18, 2015 08:14

I also like how engadget sees it :)
Apple Watch review - Engadget :
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Apple Watch, next big thing?

by AppFutura on iOS Developers

Once WatchKit gets better (i.e. we get to build apps that actually fully run natively on the watch itself) Apple Watch will get much more interesting.

Apple Watch is too slow

by CMV on iOS Developers

Agreed. One of the annoying parts is - Waiting too long for the Watch just to register button presses is really very annoying, and something that most of the users didn't expected.
This is really amazing. Thanks for sharing

Apple Watch vs Samsung Gear S

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Interesting! In my opinion in terms of design AppleWatch is much better and [size=2]obviously[/size] the apps are more trusted. But on the other hand, Android has more variety of apps and they're cheaper so it will d...
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