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App Developments

on iOS Developers at Jul 21, 2018 23:15

hello all,

please can you help with the following as i am a total newbie :) and i am trying to understand my options to deliver my apps,

1: is app development only possible by coding from scratch?
2: is there a platform that has got a template process.
3: what is the correct term for a person that can make what i want ie the app with work online and offline.

i am happy to answer many questions but there is a NDA in place.

KInd Regards and thank you in advance for helping, if you want to join us your welcome to do so.
Alen Paul

Re: App Developments

on iOS Developers at Jul 24, 2018 18:11

Nowadays application development is running at a higher rate. Every user wants apk version because it is easy to use. Android and ios development are the main. If you need any help in application development may contact with Hotmail support. They are tech support company provides all types of tech support services.
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