11 New Siri tricks

11 New Siri tricks

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11 New Siri tricks

on iOS Developers at Jun 17, 2016 13:39

Siri is getting some major upgrades for iOS 10. Here you have some new things you can do with Siri:

1. Send cash to friends
2. Order an Uber or pizza
3. Send messages with third-party apps
4. QuickType
5. Search YouTube on Apple TV
6. Jump to live television
7. Search for movies about specific topics
8. Siri on your Mac
9. Easy multitasking
10. Control your home from new devices
11. Change the station and turn on AC in the car

Here you have some more info:


Re: 11 New Siri tricks

on iOS Developers at Jul 19, 2016 13:33

Sakshi Sharma

Re: 11 New Siri tricks

on iOS Developers at Jul 23, 2016 15:03

That's Great... Siri has became more advanced now i have seen some great updates in the latest version
Come on hit here to see the new Siri
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