Why do apps fail?

Why do apps fail?

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Why do apps fail?

on AppFutura Tips at Feb 06, 2017 09:37

Unfortunatelly, a great idea and a well-developed application may not be enough to achieve success. A lot of apps fail and the problem is somewhere else. What can you do to prevent failure? Here are some tips: https://www.ready4s.com/blog/why-do-gre ... deas-fail/

Re: Why do apps fail?

on AppFutura Tips at Oct 30, 2017 09:36

While working on an app idea, one needs to work on the factors that can hinder the path of their app’s success. The more you work upon the pitfalls, the more you will be closer to your success. To help those in need, we have gather a few common factors causing an app failure and how to deal with them in our blog: https://medium.com/appinventiv/6-top-fa ... cde2001362
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