Which one is better? IOS or Android

Which one is better? IOS or Android

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Which one is better? IOS or Android

on AppFutura Tips at Aug 04, 2016 08:00

Using various Operating system has its own pros and cons. Each OS has its unique feature, but which one is better to use?
Android or Ios? Suggestions are always welcome..
Christie Rodriguez

Re: Which one is better? IOS or Android

on AppFutura Tips at Oct 18, 2016 14:50

First of all, Apple is all marketing. There is nothing special about it. Android offers phones that have expandable memory (and guess who doesn’t?) and better high-speed data services. iPhones die extremely quickly, you can’t use iTunes on any other devices, whereas Android platforms are available on all devices, the picture quality on an iPhone is pathetic compared to Androids, and Apple products are majorly behind in technology. The latest update for an iPhone came out two years ago for an Android. Apple has a set array of things it can do, and you can’t customize or change that. But if you want a high-end technology phone, choose an Android. It does so much more and you can customize and change its features. I have had both an iPhone and an Android phone.

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Re: Which one is better? IOS or Android

on AppFutura Tips at Oct 22, 2016 15:26

With my opinion Android would be the better choice of using different apps. So i would prefer android better than IOS
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