When do you choose Native Apps?

When do you choose Native Apps?

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When do you choose Native Apps?

on AppFutura Tips at Jan 27, 2016 13:44

If you are developing a utility tool that will need native phone devices like camera, speakers and robust interaction with the native Operating System. Native apps work best, though hybrid apps can achieve the same with a little tweaking, they may not be as seamless. If you are building a gaming app with heavy graphics and sound effects. You cannot build games like Angry Birds and Temple Run using HTML5 alone.

Re: When do you choose Native Apps?

on AppFutura Tips at Feb 01, 2016 21:50

First of all you should determine whether it should be native or on the web. This decision will impact every stage of development. Native mobile app is an application which is exclusive or only available on one specific platform and no other, e.g. an app that is only available on an iPhone or Android phone. You can read more about native apps development on the website http://en.intechcore.com/

Re: When do you choose Native Apps?

on AppFutura Tips at Feb 12, 2016 17:33

I agree. Utility apps have to be Native :ugeek::ugeek:
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