1.The feature is still under experiment
2. Users will see parts that have been buffered
3. A new play button will replace the old download button

Its features include:

a. WhatsApp will soon bring a new feature of video streaming for users.
b. The updated beta version 2.16.365 of WhatsApp comes on the Android platform.
c. Reports suggest users of WhatsApp will now be able to see shared video even as it is downloading. This is possible because of the video streaming option.
d. Android app developers have incorporated a play button inplace of of download button. The new button will enable users to stream video even when it is buffering.
e. While streaming videos users can also take a look on parts that that have already been buffered.

For now the feature is still under experiment, and we hope to see it soon. A while back, WhatsApp has introduced the video calling feature on the iOS, Android, and Windows platform.