Report: Blockchain Development

Report: Blockchain Development

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Developers AppFutura

Report: Blockchain Development

on Blockchain Developers at May 03, 2018 17:35

At AppFutura we want to create a new report about Blockchain. As you know, reports help our readers get a new perspective on the topic. The report will be published on our blog, so it could help you obtain exposure.

Feel free to share with us a paragraph about your thoughts and experience developing Blockchain. Ideally, you should cover the following points:

    Is blockchain a reality? Is there demand? Has it grown so much that it's comparable to mobile and web development?What are the main uses for Blockchain? What are its advantages?What are the main apps/specs/features of Blockchain in the mobility world?Do you think that blockchain cryptocurrencies have a great future when it comes to in-app purchases and digital good exchanges?What is the future of Blockchain?

Thank you!
Developers AppFutura

Re: Report: Blockchain Development

on Blockchain Developers at May 16, 2018 16:39

We have published our report on Blockchain development. You can read it here: Top mobile app development companies report: Blockchain. Feel free to share your opinions and thoughts in this thread and let us know what you think about the future of Blockchain in the mobility world.

Don't forget to take part in the next report! also check our Blockchain App Developers directory to find more companies to start your Blockchain development project
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