Hello Everyone :)
I am a complete beginner in term of App development but my company asked me to develop and launch an app concerning our restaurant 43 steps critical checkpoints procedures:
Basically we want our executives chef to be able to check and validate every 43 steps on an app instead of manually. They could walk through the kitchen a tick the steps one by one . If one critical point ( such as temperature of a freezer) is not respected they could take a picture and it would be stored as well as sent to our executive office. We would receive a report of each of our restaurant and could follow the trend line of their result on the long term. And if a restaurant would have a score below 50% we would receive a red pop up when we login to our app to warn us about the issue and we could see all the details convening the specific restaurant and weak points.
Do you now which platform should I use to develop this app? What are your advice concerning this type of app? Specially for a beginner like me?
Thank you in advance for your kindness and advises.