Cross-platform or native app?

Cross-platform or native app?

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Ana Alcantud

Cross-platform or native app?

on AppFutura Tips at Mar 06, 2018 10:08

We know, it's a tough battle, but we know the equation between time, cost, and quality it’s extremely important for all mobile app development companies. Nobody wants to lose time and money on the wrong path.

Native apps are using specific programming languages. This makes them super user-friendly because it corresponds straight to every User Interface (UI) and Performance (UX). But let’s agree on the next – if you are developing native apps for more than one platform, you’re going to lose a lot of time, because you cannot use the same code twice. Of course, that means the development process will take longer, so your budget will go crazy.

If you are building your first app we would advise you to start with cross-platform app development. The same code can be used across multiple platforms, so there would be a minimal amount of customization. Like every technology, cross-platform app development also has its disadvantages. For instance, they don’t integrate with their platforms as well as native apps do. On the other hand, native apps give users a feeling of full integration in their iOS or Android device. This basically makes them function smoothly.

So, what do you think?

Re: Cross-platform or native app?

on AppFutura Tips at Mar 06, 2018 12:15

The development of cross platform apps is currently booming, and as we have shown there are many benefits to consider when choosing this option.

Business owners and app developers must cooperate to comprehend the qualities of the item and plan key innovative choices that will ensure an effective application dispatch.

Deciding in which platform(s) we want our product to be settled is one of the most important steps of the app development process. On the off chance that our point is to show our application in the more extensive scope of stages conceivable, cross platforms may be our best alternative. Not at all like local applications, cross-platform applications will permit you to push your finished item different stages.

I will just point some of the most important benefits of going cross-platform.

Reduce the costs
Get it faster in the market
Reach more clients
Easier maintenance

Re: Cross-platform or native app?

on AppFutura Tips at Mar 06, 2018 14:40

The choice between these two app development options depends on your app features and scope.

The main benefit of developing a cross-platform app from a developer's point of view is that the code can be shared between different versions of the apps across devices, while in native apps the developer has to build two or more separate apps. That will increase the development cost and time. Development became slow. Also, building a native mobile app will multiply the cost by two (iOS and Android).

If your application is going to be informative or content distribution, the cross-platform app will be the right choice. And if your focus is only one platform then the native app development will be the right choice.
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