Are small apps worthy?

Are small apps worthy?

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Are small apps worthy?

on AppFutura Tips at Oct 18, 2017 15:27

Hello everyone!

We were now discussing at the office the capabilities and functionalities that a small app can have. Are they worthy or is it better to go with a large project? I read somewhere that small apps have the highest abandonment rate as they have less features than large app projects and they are not useful for more than one time use.

Do you know any small apps that are successful? What is your opinion on this?

Re: Are small apps worthy?

on AppFutura Tips at Oct 23, 2017 18:11

Well it's true, Small Apps have to fight a long battle with bigger Apps in the store, and a majority of times they loose it to them, still I would say, It depends on the requirements of the organization, at times there are small Apps which are meant for enterprise level and are used by organizational in-house employees to perform some or other automation, we have built a few of them have been a life saver for the clients. :)

Re: Are small apps worthy?

on AppFutura Tips at Oct 30, 2017 09:37

True! Unlike the big applications, the small apps tend to be utility-related or gaming apps and produce relatively limited customer data. Their signal-to-noise ratio is very low, making it a daunting task to focus on any particular customer interaction. As a result, the lesser audience that the app has is also likely to completely vanish after a single session.
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