If i receved that kind of email from Admob what i should do and how serious this emai is?


This is a formal warning that your AdMob account is at risk of being temporarily suspended and/or permanently disabled if you continue to accrue policy violations. This is not a notification of a new policy violation. You are receiving this warning because your account has a history of repeated or severe violations of our program policies.

Current Account Status: Active. You are currently able to log in to your account and you are welcome to monetize content which complies with our policies.

Action Required: Review all apps which you are currently monetizing to ensure that they are policy compliant and put safeguards in place to prevent future violations. For tips on monitoring your network, we suggest reviewing the following resources:

AdMob Program policies

Banner ad guidance

Banner ad guidance: 300x250

Interstitial ad guidance

App and account appeals

You should have received notification for each policy violation. Each notification provides context about your violation and links to more information about our policies. We also recommend that you pay close attention to our content and ad behavior policies.


The Google AdMob Team