Messenger – The Future App Store

Messenger – The Future App Store

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Messenger – The Future App Store

on App Development at Aug 03, 2016 09:13

Facebook reported a fantastic second quarter on Wednesday, driven to a great extent by the accomplishment of its versatile business. As according to the report, the organization has solid growth in the Active clients. Facebook is likely hoping to incorporate its Messenger stage with the application store of the future. Bots present a lucrative adaptation open door for Facebook, like how application stores got to be moneymaking biological systems for Google and Apple. If the organization can adapt Messenger similarly that Apple has adapted the App Store, Facebook could produce yearly income as up to App store & off course can become the future App store.

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Re: Messenger – The Future App Store

on App Development at Jul 06, 2017 09:39

Facebook messenger is not the same old messenger now. It's upgraded and fully loaded with brand new features and interactive technology which we can call a fusion of all the essential features from stories status updates to apps advertisements and many more. It has surely brought up the revolution in the messaging technology.
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