13 Hidden Facebook Messenger Tips

13 Hidden Facebook Messenger Tips

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13 Hidden Facebook Messenger Tips

on App Development at Jul 29, 2016 13:27

Here you have a list of 13 Messenger tips:

1. Catch a ride
2. Create your own chatbot
3. Share songs
4. Create a shortcut
5. Send a flurry of hearts, balloons or snow
6. Make a short video
7. Change your like button
8. Make your emoji huge
9. Play a hidden soccer (football?) game
10. Also, there's a hidden basketball game
11. Start a chess game
12. Share your Messenger code
13. Automatically save photos


Re: 13 Hidden Facebook Messenger Tips

on App Development at Jul 03, 2017 09:39

Helpful article.
Thanks for sharing :)
Leo technosoft

Re: 13 Hidden Facebook Messenger Tips

on App Development at Apr 04, 2018 12:48

1.) Send Animated GIFs Through Messenger

2.) Mention A Friend In A Group Message

3.) Mute Notifications From Busy Messenger Conversations

4.) Send Voice Clips Through Messenger

5.) Adjust The Size Of Emoji

6.) Customize Color And Emoji For Conversations

7.) Bot Mania

8.) Create “Day” Stories

9.) Send Your Current Location

10.) Leave A Conversation You No Longer Want To Be A Part Of

11.) Create Group Playlists On Spotify With Your Friends

12.) Sign Up For Messenger Without A Facebook Account

13.) Use Messenger On The Desktop
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