Many companies out there are clever enough to realize the need of a mobile app for their business and they have invested large budgets for developing their mobile application. However, the response to the launch of their mobile application from their target audience is not as overwhelming as they expected. The reason behind this is not that the audience are not used to the mobile application. The company cannot blame the mobile app design company that created the app for them either because they have provided a great app to them. Now, they wonder what has gone wrong in this scenario.

Here, in many of these cases the fault resides in the approach of the company towards getting an app developed for their company without preparing for it beforehand. It is the company’s responsibility to conduct a research on its targeted audience as well as the existing user body before starting the process of hiring the mobile company. They need to point out the factors that the app developers have to focus to influence the user experience. They also need to brief the designers of the interface about the preferences of their audience so that they would know what type of the interface is needed to be designed.