Internet of Things Report

Internet of Things Report

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Developers AppFutura

Internet of Things Report

on App Development at Jun 08, 2018 11:09

We're working on a report about the Internet of Things and we were wondering if you've had the opportunity to develop projects for this technology. If so, feel free to share your opinions on the matter.

1. Have you noticed an increase in the demand for IoT apps? Which was the last IoT app you developed?
2. What do you think about IoT security risks? How can they be solved?
3. Which IoT technology/device do you think will be more relevant?
4. Are there many differences (as for frameworks and coding) between developing an app for a typical IoT device and developing an app for a smartphone?
5. What is the future for IoT?
Developers AppFutura

Re: Internet of Things Report

on App Development at Jun 14, 2018 13:17

We've published the report here: Top mobile app development companies report: Internet of Things

Thank you to all the developers that took part in the report. 

What do you think about IoT? Do you have experience developing IoT apps?
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