How To Make Your Mobile Apps Secured

How To Make Your Mobile Apps Secured

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How To Make Your Mobile Apps Secured

on App Development at Sep 21, 2020 16:11

The usage of mobile apps is increasing every year. In the USA alone, 86% of the population uses the internet. Our online activities make us more prone to malicious attacks. Now is the time to rethink about mobile app security..(Continue reading)

Re: How To Make Your Mobile Apps Secured

on App Development at Sep 28, 2020 11:47

App security isn’t a feature or a benefit – it is a bare necessity. One breach could cost your company not just millions of dollars but a lifetime of trust. That is why security should be a priority from the moment you start writing the first line of code.

With one break-in, criminals could know our name, age, home address, account numbers and even our current location precise to a few meters. Enterprise applications exchange exceedingly sensitive information that attackers are constantly on the prowl for.

With that kind of information at stake, mobile app developers need to do everything they can to protect their users and clients. Here are 10 ways developers can build security into their apps:

1. Write a Secure Code
2. Encrypt All Data
3. Be Extra Cautious With Libraries
4. Use Authorized APIs Only

5. Use High-Level Authentication
6. Deploy Tamper-Detection Technologies
7. Use the Principle of Least Privilege
8. Deploy Proper Session Handling

9. Use the Best Cryptography Tools and Techniques
10. Test Repeatedlyof data from a lost/stolen device and also enable remote log-off.
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