Whatsapp's 'Restricted Group' Feature

Whatsapp's 'Restricted Group' Feature

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Whatsapp's 'Restricted Group' Feature

on Android Developers at Dec 05, 2017 14:13

The new feature by Whatsapp allows admin of the group to exercise control by disabling other members activities. What if some notorious group admin makes the misuse of privilege?

Re: Whatsapp's 'Restricted Group' Feature

on Android Developers at Dec 07, 2017 14:05

If you can sign up to the beta version of Whatsapp, you can use the latest new ‘Restricted Group’ feature that Facebook owned messenger is planning to roll out soon for its users.
What do you think it is?
The sole admin of a particular group has the liberty to force any and or everyone else in the group to quit chatting. Only the admin will be able to send messages wherein the rest of the members will only be able to read the messages. This particular setting can be enabled by the group admin and can be beneficial if the admin wishes to keep, some details remain on-screen instead of pushed out-of-sight by newer texts. But, this feature can prove harmful and misused by offenders. Only the application of the same will unfold the ultimate success of this feature but in the long run.
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