What to Expect from Android Q OS Version?

What to Expect from Android Q OS Version?

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What to Expect from Android Q OS Version?

on Android Developers at Feb 21, 2019 13:51

The idea behind recurring OS update is to ensure users with a simple and smart user interface so that the smartphone experience be a breeze for users. Many of us are still waiting for Android Pie to roll out to our phones, however Android Q which is the upcoming version of Android is already in the works at Google HQ. Read to know More 

Re: What to Expect from Android Q OS Version?

on Android Developers at May 13, 2019 09:51

As the Android Q beta versions already explain the ideology of the upcoming Android version but still some expected feature is untouched. Whenever a new product or services are about to launch then users keep guessing about some rumours and expectation, same with the Android latest version Q. Here are some expected features:

  • R.I.P. Back Button.

  • Improvement in Android permission for third-party apps. 

  • Advance colour option in the UI, Beta version comes with the 4 colour. 

  • Enable Dark theme mode.

  • New Feature "Sharing Shortcuts" for easy access for the sharing menu.

  • Built-in screen recording

  • Multi Split Screen feature. 

So these are some expected features and rumours in the Android Q OS. Feel free to Comments down your expected feature in the upcoming latest version of Android.         
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