Top 3 Fundamentals for Android App Development

Top 3 Fundamentals for Android App Development

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Top 3 Fundamentals for Android App Development

on Android Developers at Apr 22, 2019 15:38

Today there is a sharp and continuous rise in android app development. For beginners who are planning to develop or learn developing mobile apps, following are a few fundamentals.

1.  Master the Language:
In android apps Java and XML are the two main programming languages. Mastering these two languages is prerequisite to develop apps in android. If you want to develop a more elegant android app then you should fully master these two languages.

2. Knowledge Right Development Tools:
It is important or in fact inevitable to be fully familiarize with build automation tools. Other than that integrated development environment before you get started with developing the app. Tools like Android app studio IDE or the Eclipse can be used which can help in improving the code. Your tool of sets can include software like Apache Maven, Apache Ant and Gradle.

3. Application Components:
Application components are a very important part and basic building block of android app development. Each one of these application components is like a point from which the system can enter your app.
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Re: Top 3 Fundamentals for Android App Development

on Android Developers at May 07, 2019 08:51

Your words are really good enough to understand about the Android app development. I have something more and fresh information about it only if you want to see.

Re: Top 3 Fundamentals for Android App Development

on Android Developers at Jun 03, 2019 10:52

Mastering Language: The two main languages used for creating Android apps are XML
and Java. Proficiency in these 2 programming languages can enbale in developing
purposeful Android applications. Some of the fundamentals of these two languages are:
? Objects and classes
? Packages
? Collections
? Strings and numbers, generics
? Interfaces and inheritance
? Concurrency
Affinity towards appropriate tools and environment: Before starting with your
development process, you need to get acquainted with the automation tools along with
the integrated development environment. For the tools you can use Android app studio
IDE or the Eclipse. It is advisable to learn Apache Ant, Gradle and Apache Maven as they
faciliate you with strong and useful toolsets for your development.
Knowledge of Application components: Application components act as the building
blocks for building of Android apps. Each component is a different point which enables the
system to enter your app. Although each of them has a specific role to play, there are few
which are inter-dependent. But you need to keep in mind that all of them are not actual
entry points.
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