Mobile Application Market is gaining so much popularity now. With so many innovations happening in the field of mobile technology, Mobile Application testing is becoming very essential part of Software Development Life Cycle. Excellent quality and highly efficient application has become a great challenge. To meet this challenge in a fruitful way, thorough and repeated testing of system is required. Thorough testing can ensure that application runs smoothly and meets user expectation. Effective test strategy and combination of manual and automated testing tools is required to ensure high quality app.

Automated tests increase effectiveness and productivity and helps maximum code coverage. Automated testing is sometimes considered as high cost, but if utilized effectively with balanced manual testing, the end result is overwhelming. There are many advantages of using Test Automation. It is fast and can be efficiently used for repeated testing. It can quickly find out the defects that occur due to the code changes thus, ensuring stability to the system. Repetition of tests can be effectively achieved using automated testing.

MonkeyTalk is one such automation tool used for efficient functionality testing of iOS and Android mobile applications. It is cross platform testing tool that record and play back functional test suites for iOS and Android applications running on real devices, emulators or simulator. Monkey Talk supports both native and hybrid iOS and Android apps.

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