How to Watch the Google I/O 2019 Live?

How to Watch the Google I/O 2019 Live?

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How to Watch the Google I/O 2019 Live?

on Android Developers at May 08, 2019 08:53

Google I/O 2019 Developer Conference has started yesterday with loads of innovative new features and upgrades hidden under the blanket. The event has made everyone curious about what would be the name of the upcoming Android OS version, Android Q as well as other hardware/software inventions.
In the midst of this, if you are feeling pity for not able to book a ticket on time and now relying on updates shared on Faceook, Twitter and other social platform - referring this blog on Google I/O 2019 Event will be really profitable for you.
Here, we have shared what all is possible to be revealed in I/O 2019 event in these 3 days and how to watch it live. So, go ahead and cover the whole event with your naked eyes.

Re: How to Watch the Google I/O 2019 Live?

on Android Developers at Jun 03, 2019 10:51

Google has successfully hosted its Annual Developers Conference of 2019 in the month of
May. This event took place at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View at California.
The Conference continued for 3 days and it began with a keynote of 2 hour duration from
the CEO-Mr. Sundar Pichai. According to the schedule of this event Google conducted
sessions on 20 trending topics that can influence the realm of technology for making lives
smooth and convenient.
The I/O 2019 started on May 7 th at 10 in the morning (Pacific Time) which is equivalent to
10:30 pm Indian Standard Time. This even of Google can be viewed at the Google
Developers You Tube page. Various immersive and entertaining features related to the
latest technologies will come up in this conference. All Android users will experience a sea
change in using their devices.
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