Another Application of Educational Apps

Another Application of Educational Apps

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Another Application of Educational Apps

on Android Developers at Jan 01, 2019 12:36

For long, we have been relating Educational apps with students in terms of keeping students attendance and mark sheet records, but a recent app has brought a new turn to this. A mobile app, Nashik has come up with the idea to record attendance and other records of teaches, while will help the administration to easily manage the students and teachers record and run an organization effectively. 
Don't you think so?
Tim Robbinson

Re: Another Application of Educational Apps

on Android Developers at Jan 02, 2019 16:23

Yes, it's effective to run an institution smoothly. I also like to share an app called TimeCamp, which is a perfect attendance tracking app. This application supports all platforms, including iOS and Android. Also, you can easily manage the projects and analyze the time period of a particular task. It also offers an option where you edit time entries.

Re: Another Application of Educational Apps

on Android Developers at Jan 17, 2019 07:33

Yes, You are absulutely right Education mobile app help you to enhance the performance of student. Decreased Communication Gap Between Students And The Institution ,eBooks And Online Study, Enhanced Parent Teacher Communication This are benefits of Educational Apps
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