Android Studio database update in real time

Android Studio database update in real time

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Android Studio database update in real time

on Android Developers at Dec 17, 2018 16:42

Dear developers,

I'm a novice android studio developer, and so far I've managed to succesfully put together a small project I had in mind.
It's basically an app to monitor client's tabs on the restaurant I work on.

The app itself works, but I'm having a hard time implementing the second part of my project:
The waiter should be able to update the client's order into an online database (either on local network or hosted online), which then would be linked to an Excel file.

It would work as follows:
Waiter takes order and presses button > values updated on Database > values updated on Excel

This Excel file should be constantly updated, for when the client wants to leave we can calculate what he has consumed.

My question is: what would be the best way to achieve this result? So far I've ran into Apache POI, SQLite and MySQL; but none of them seem to be the definitive answer to my problem. Has anyone done something similar yet?

Thank you,

Re: Android Studio database update in real time

on Android Developers at Jan 01, 2019 11:45

1.If your app is supported by a a well structured backend server and server can response very well in real time data transfer then I will prefer to use SyncAdapter. Backend server should be able to response very fast and in most of these case servers use web sockets to achieve this.

2.Go for Firebase if you don’t have well structured backend server. Firebase is very fast in response but its of NoSQL data . Structuring of your NoSQL data may required some time to be displayed in interface.Firebase event and listener structure is very good and all devices will be updated with real time data in same time.

Consider you real time data structure ,response time , availability and you can decide. Hope it helps.
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