Android database performance issue

Android database performance issue

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Android database performance issue

on Android Developers at Nov 10, 2018 14:15

I am developing a quiz app. Half of the screen has web view and remaining has options and next previous question buttons. Currently I am using Cursor to fetch all the questions and set we view content. On previous and next button I am simply moving cursor next and previous. I feel it is having performance issue. Can you please suggest a better way to achieve this.

Thank you!

Re: Android database performance issue

on Android Developers at Dec 12, 2018 19:54

Here I am giving some points which should be kept in mind while designing application and database.
1) Bind Variables: When a SQL query is sent to the database engine for processing and sending the result, it is compiled by the database compiler to get the tokens of the query.
2) Database structure is not well defined/normalized: This is probably known to everybody that the database tables should be properly normalized as this is part of every DBMS course at graduation level. If the tables are not properly designed and normalized, anomalies set in.
2) Query is not well-formed: Usually, the same SQL query can be written in multiple ways. There are ways by which a query can be optimized to give the best performance.
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