Android App Solution Needed

Android App Solution Needed

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Android App Solution Needed

on Android Developers at May 30, 2019 22:43

Developers with experience in programming at operating system level and / or modifications of the android kernel please respond.

Mock Location Application
Android 5.1 and later, we use as a B phone a ZTE Axon Mini B2016, Use a NodeJS server, with MongoDB database, the server function is to receive and send the shared locations by telephone A and that synchronizes telephone B, the database is to register users and ID's; the locations of any terminal are not saved. the application uses a developer option called Simulated Locations, additionally an Xposed module called "Hide Mode Location" is used with which it is sought to avoid being detected as a "FakeGPS"

The application must be configured a server and a port, once it is done it is registered and logged in (when entering a username and password, it is stored and starts immediately). Each computer in which it is installed generates its own unique ID in the database.

Then you must add the ID of the telephone A on the telephone B and vice versa, this in order to assure who is sharing the location and with whom I am synchronizing the location.

Once this process is completed, the "Share location" option is used in the telephone A and this is connected to the server and the latitude and longitude along with the ID are sent. In the telephone B, the "Synchronize location" option is used there, it shows the IDs that are paired and that are transmitting their location, the ID with whom you want to synchronize is selected and the process of taking the location of telephone A in phone B, which means that both A and B have the same location

We use the messaging applications to take the services, since we have a fleet of vehicles to make them effective,however what we want is to distribute the services in the best way, so we locate in different strategic points within the city to be able to comply with these services as soon as possible,now the problem we have now is that although we use the Xposed module to hide the fact that it is a "GPS fake" there are applications that detect us and do not let us work , so we are looking for someone to change this method of "Simulated Locations" by a method in which the location is "Natively" synchronized for the system and thus be able to open the applications that at this moment detects the simulated location.

Re: Android App Solution Needed

on Android Developers at Jul 03, 2019 12:10

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Re: Android App Solution Needed

on Android Developers at Jul 08, 2019 09:54

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Re: Android App Solution Needed

on Android Developers at Jul 11, 2019 12:46

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