10 Best Free Budgeting Apps UK

10 Best Free Budgeting Apps UK

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10 Best Free Budgeting Apps UK

on Android Developers at Apr 16, 2020 14:22

With smartphone constantly enhancing your life, it has become easier now to manage and control your everyday finance. Mobile apps provide the simplest and smartest way to budget and curb your spending habits.

There are great, highly accessible free budgeting apps in UK, that you can install on your Android or iOS device to keep track of your spending, monitor money in and money out and plan your financial goals for better savings.

Money management is as challenging as money making, and one reckless spending can spoil your monthly budget. In UK, if you are helpless to your spending habits, you just need some free budgeting apps on your device.

Many of these free budgeting apps compile all your accounts in one place and make it easier for you to manage your finance, control your spending and improve your budget goals without switching to different banking apps.

If you are a UK citizen looking for budgeting and money management solutions, you can consider these 10 best free budgeting apps

1) Money Dashboard

This app gives you a read-only window into all your financial activities to keep your budget in control. It connects with all your accounts to bring all the information in one common attractive dashboard, so you can make better budgeting decisions.

It has organized charts and graphs to track your spending habits in categorized way for six months. You can get a clear idea of ways to save some pounds.


  • Precise tracking of spending

  • Collates all your bank accounts in one place

  • View all your financial activities and spending

  • Neat charts and graph to know your savings each year

  • Shows you the effect of everyday routines on total savings

2) Mint

This popular budgeting app is enriched with impressive range of features to help you manage and track finance coming from financers like banks, credit card companies, lenders, etc.

It is quite a handy budgeting tool that puts spending and transactions in specific categories such as credit or debit cards.


  • Track transactions with all finance providers in one place

  • Array of features to help with money management

  • Categorized transactions and spending

  • Customizable budget that incorporates user needs

  • Notifications and alerts in the event of exceeding your budget

  • Provides category-wise overview of cash flow each month

3) Bean

If you are determined to turn your budget around, then this app will help you shop smartly. It shows you awesome deals on all your general spending such as house bills, insurance, interest and more.

All you have to do is connect the app with all your existing financial connections in a read-only format. The budgeting app will change your mind for weekly magazine or other overpriced streaming subscriptions in order to balance the spending Vs savings.


  • Encourages you to shop smartly

  • Directs to best saving options by controlling spending urges

  • Helps you focus on better pocket-friendly deals

  • Integrates all financial connection read-only

  • Shares tips to economize and shape up your budget

4) Emma

Emma gently pushes you away from the pit of spending and adds to your saving each month. Emma in Jane Austen’s style shows you read-only picture of accounts and cards and stops you from increasing your expenses.

The app is built on the concept of affordable savings to slim down your budget while also letting you live happily.


  • Helps you achieve affordable saving target each month

  • Stops all your unnecessary expenses

  • Gives read-only accounts view

  • Keeps budget goals maintained

  • Sends buzzes when busting set budgets on overpriced items

  • Reminds you of high bank fees and related deadlines

5) Wally

This famous budgeting app respects those who love old-school approach to banking. You can try this unique old-fashioned banking app to manage your money and boost savings.

It is slick and elegant and built for those who don’t fancy open banking and don’t mind doing the hard work of entering the data themselves. It shows all accounts with ability to set weekly budgets and savings targets.


  • Slick and stylish app design

  • Creates read-only format from manually inputted data

  • Technology supports conventional non-open banking

  • Get insight and alerts about spending

  • Setup weekly budget and saving goals

  • Group joint accounts for ease of management

6) Yolt

This app is perfect for tracking your spending across multiple accounts. Like many other free budgeting apps in UK, this app also elevates your saving. But it doesn’t just act as read-only finance management app, as it also allows you to transfer money to different accounts.

Here, you have access to charts that show the graph of spending history and reports. You can easily set your budget goals and spending target.


  • Great for tracking spending across multiple accounts

  • View all of your accounts in one place

  • Set budget goals and track your bills

  • View Spending reports for spending target

  • See charts that highlight spending history

  • Easily transfer money between different account

7) Monzo

With this app, it is easier to view the lucid summary of spending and also set up budget goals. The app uniquely offers a little more than other usual apps focused on budgeting. It sends instant notifications of transactions and allows you to set up direct debits and standing orders.

Unlike static budgeting tool, this budgeting app also lets you pay people. It helps you save surcharges and fees on spending abroad. Its amazing feature ‘coin jar’ sets the payment to the nearest pound, putting away extra money as saving.


  • Set spending budgets

  • Clear summary of spending

  • Set up direct debits and standing orders

  • Instant notifications

  • Pay people within the app

  • ‘coin jar’ feature allows you to save some cents with the nearest pound

  • Withdraw cash or spend it abroad without unnecessary fees

8) Personal Capital

This app is your tech-powered investment adviser that you can rely on without paying a cent. The great investment and purchase tracking tool, Personal Capital is a hybrid combo of robot and human advisor service that offers money tracking dashboard packed with impressive budgeting features.

It favors your saving goals by emphasizing the use of investment tools that automatically analyze asset classes, investment fees, etc.


  • Unique budgeting tool for investors

  • Saves money through sensible investments

  • Offers handy investment side of tools

  • Automatic analysis of investment fees, assets and more

  • Not a typical cash flow management and budgeting solutions

  • Automated tracking of purchases across linked accounts

9) Cleo

Robo money management and saving advisers are picking up a pace now. Based on artificial intelligence that drives the finance of many banking apps nowadays, Cleo uses AI (artificial intelligence) to deliver effective spending and saving solution.

Unlike everyday AI built to improve general human life, Cleo’s chatbot assistant has read-only access to your accounts from which it generates informative answers to your queries regarding spending history and saving. There are also charts and graphs to show you the spending summary.


  • Smart finance management chatbot assistant

  • Good for generating quick, reliable spending and saving advises

  • Gets you better control on your spending and budget

  • Graphs and charts showing your previous spending

10) Moneyhub

This is a handy spending-oriented budgeting app that not only mirrors your spending habits but also maintains your data privacy. You get this excellent spending analysis tool that gets you detailed insight about spending history across all your linked accounts, so that it is easy to set spending targets.

The app also sends notifications and reminders for due bills along with financial advice.


  • Set up spending targets to meet your budget

  • View all your accounts in one place

  • Receive notifications and reminders for due bills

  • Receive financial advice if needed

  • Comes with monthly subscription


Based on our thorough market research and reviews, we could sum up these 10 free budgeting apps in UK. You may read all about their features and usability and try a few before finalizing on the one that perfectly suits your budgeting needs.

Re: 10 Best Free Budgeting Apps UK

on Android Developers at May 17, 2020 05:15

excellent info. so another app is savefrom.net

Re: 10 Best Free Budgeting Apps UK

on Android Developers at Sep 03, 2020 15:13

Hey! That's great stuff, thx for sharing. They all are a bit different, so if you had to choose just one, which one would you recommend?
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