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The company found its very foundation in the soil of West End Queensland, Website Design Master delivers dignified services for its clients. A sturdy, talented and capable group of HTML and PHP designers and developers assist to successfully establish the website creations email template development, web portal and Word Press development, SEO and also in designing and featuring the Mobile Appellate. To stand beside such business organization in Australia, Website Design Master offers lucrative digital marketing and web development services.

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SEO Services

Absolutely terrible experience and awful quality of work. I initially engaged WDM to create my website, which did they did an OK job at best. However, it was still relatively overpriced and I was still required to provide all of the content, images, etc, which was ultimately fine for me to do despite it requiring many additional hours on my end. I was then pestered into engaging them for SEO service. "Mike Janis" and "Andrew" promised guaranteed results within 6 months, stating verbally and in writing that all of the keywords I provided them were going to be ranked on the first page of google . I thought it too good to be true, as I knew SEO is a tough an competitive market, but given their guarantee, I figured there's no harm in engaging them as the onus would be on them. I paid them for the work in advanced. 6 months went by, they had barely started on the work. I had received just 2 SEO reports (should have been a monthly report) which showed perhaps 2-3 keywords I provided (out of 20) were within the top 10 pages. Yes, the top 10 pages on google rankings - a far cry from the first page ranking on all the keywords they had guaranteed. At the 6 month mark, they effectively said that they would continue working for free until the keywords were on the top page, and again, guaranteed that this would happen within the following 3 months. Those 3 months had gone by, progress appeared to be taking place negatively - i.e. key words were ranked worse at this point then they were 3 month prior. They had provided justifications around google changing its algorithm, which i do understand is possible and frequently happens, but regardless, it doesn't change the outcome/situation. Another 3 months pass by, progress is just as terrible. 12 months into the engaged service, nothing has happened. The only traffic i am getting is spam mailers and bots. Right now I get about 10 inquiries a day through my website, all of which are asking me if i want "local women for s**". I get another 5 emails or so a day from other digital agencies promoting their SEO service, advising they can assist me.
At the 12 month mark, I had a lengthy conversation with them and expressed my frustration about the poor results. At no point did they admit their shortfalls, but rather continuously blamed it on google. During that conversation, we had come to a conclusion to continue working together for another 6 months. As part of this, I received a written guarantee from them stating that they would get all keywords I provided to them onto the first page of google rankings within those additional 6 months, and if they didn't, i would be refunded for all monies paid for the SEO service without any delays. Silly me for believing this. Surely enough these additional 6 months have passed, now making it a total of 18 months, and not only are they nowhere near achieving the guaranteed results, but they are also refusing to refund the monies paid to them. This is incredibly frustrating because as a small business owner, marketing budgets are tight. Had I have simply engaged a FB marketing specialists, I could have generated a guaranteed 25 qualified sales appointments where each client is worth around $10,000. In 18 months, I have not received a single lead come through the website they designed and the SEO service they provided. I have now spent the last month trying to chase them up. Andrew is dodging my calls, emails and whatsapp messages. Seriously, best advice I can give you is to stay far far away from this company. There are much better companies out there that are probably more cost effective too. Costly & tough lesson learned for me; don't do the same.
Furthermore, the testimonials on their website are absolute BS. They are completely made up. If you right click the image of someone's face that's providing the feedback, then click on "Search google for image" you will see that they've just stolen someone else's face, made up a name and written some good feedback, obviously to deceive a prospect into believing they are credible and high quality. Poor ethics!

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