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  • Social Networking Application

    Vimi is a tool to help people spark conversations with friends. It makes it easy for you to start conversations with friends or friends of friends. Simply post a question and when your friends answer, a group chat is created. Other friends [...]

  • Tracking System Application

    PTS (Parker Tracking System) is an innovative component tagging and tracking solution provided by Parker. The PTS Mobile app connects its user to a local authorized distributor which will use the PTS record details to provide customers with[...]


    The sales rocket intelligent content management solution allows marketers to regain control over their content. Sales Rocket helps you with a strategic, cross-functional discipline designed to increase sales results and productivity by [...]

  • Online Books reading Application

    The purpose of the Maxit app is Online Books reading (For iSpark Innovations) The app brings to your phone an amazing wealth of most important questions covering Social Science, General Science, and Mathematics on your phone, your preparati[...]

  • Boston Marathon app 2017

    Mendiosteam has powered up Boston Marathon app - an annual marathon hosted by several cities in Greater Boston in eastern Massachusetts, United States. The features of Boston Marathon 2017 app include: - Track your thirty favorite p[...]