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Wave Digital is a Melbourne-based iPhone app, Android app and Web app development agency. Our local design and development team create quality custom apps, delivered efficiently with reliable technology and flawless design. Our aim - to build mobile and web apps that make lives better.

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iOS App Development

Clients often want to know what sets us apart from other app development agencies. Here’s an easy one - since 2017, we have been members of the Apple Consultants Network. As early adopters of iOS (we launched our first iPhone and iPad apps in 2009), it couldn’t be more fitting that we are now part of this elite force of agencies recognised by Apple for our iOS app development knowledge and expertise.

iPhone App Development

iPhone app development is a core service at Wave Digital. We are the only boutique app developer in Melbourne, Victoria proudly endorsed by Apple as a part of the Apple Consultants Network. Wave and our innovative clients were early adopters of iOS (iPhone and iPad), launching our first iPhone and iPad apps in 2009. Over the years, our iPhone apps have won multiple awards and been in the coveted top 3 spot of the Australian app store. The breadth of our experience in iPhone app development allows us to guide you as to whether a universal, iPhone, iPad or responsive web app is the best software solution for the problem you are trying to solve. We build all our iPhone apps locally at our head office in Melbourne.

Android App Development

We develop extensively for Android mobile and tablet devices. At Wave Digital, we embrace the differences between iPhone and Android ecosystem and seek to develop Android apps with a unique look and feel to their iPhone counterparts. Unlike iPhone, a user’s version of an Android app is often controlled by their carrier (Vodafone, Telstra etc), rather than the phone or tablet itself. Wave can provide advice on the difficult balancing act between supporting the largest number of Android users, and developing a mobile app that takes advantage of the newer Android operating systems. We build all our Android apps locally at our head office in Melbourne.

Web Development

Web app development is becoming more advanced. Investment in open source technologies by large tech companies including Facebook and Google, enables us to build more powerful web applications and achieve faster speed to market for your app. With more than 17 years experience in web app development, we work with a wide range of frontend and backend web technologies.

Augmented reality App Development

Augmented Reality is a combination of real-world and computer-generated elements that can be used to bring a real-time interactive app experience to users. A view of the real world is enhanced or augmented with digital elements. At Wave, we can use augmented reality to bring your mobile app to life and create an enhanced user experience.

Internet of Things (IoT) App Development

The internet of things (IoT) encompasses networks, devices and data, and describes how these interact and connect with each other. Allowing devices to talk to each other and share data improves performance and efficiency. Typically, IoT has been used in the consumer, business and infrastructure sectors, but we are seeing it gain momentum in the medical and health space.

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Non-Profit Medical App for iOS and Android
Client: Budget: more than $25,000 (USD)

Wave Digital has developed a mobile app for iOS and for Android platforms. The application has CMS capability and it uses open-source resources which are available offline and online. The app had to be user-friendly because it was developed for developing countries so they needed to be as extensible and futuristic as possible.

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