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A software-development company focusing on business application. Mixing (big)data, business-logic and user rights & simplified interfaces, we create web-based, platform-independent, digital solution with thin and fast client-side UI.
Guaranteed ROI: our solutions will pay for them self within an interval of 6-12 months.

We spoke both the business and the IT languages. We'll cover the translation from your business needs to IT solution that will address them.

Demos and references available upon request for eligible customers.

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VHCI Business Development company reviews


Medfreight is a freight-forward company. 90% of their business comes form sea shipments.

VHCI build an application that integrates all business needs for them: a CRM, a booking (orders) management tool, basic accounting (more like cash-flow management, not legal accounting), automated reports, statisti

The main objective was the digitization of core business process.

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Interviewed by AppFutura
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Please present yourself and your business.

My name is Paul. I have a business in maritim transport. I am a shareholder in a freight forwarding company based in two cities: Bucharest and Constanza. We have around 10 people working here in this small company, but this is a part of a bigger group.

Could you explain what your project was about?

Because we are in two cities and we have people in both, we work with a lot of papers and documentations. We realized it is better to put our business online. We used a lot of time searching for papers. We needed to kill that time. When a ship is coming to Constanza and the Owners send you a big list of containers, you have a lot of numbers.

We had to connect these numbers to each customer and referebce, which sometimes took 10-20 minutes each. Now you enter the number in the application and all the information for the customer and order is there.

Bucharest is a very crowded city and sometimes our employees can't reach our office, which made work impossible when we worked with papers. The application now allows to work remotely too. All files are actually in PDF in the application, so you have everything here.

Could you explain the scope VHCI was involved in?

It was my idea and explained what I needed to VHCI, they just made everything from scratch.

How did you meet VCHI and what led you to hiring them?

Actually, I knew VCHI from 4-5 years before. I met them through a big customer of mine. I know the work they had done for them. I asked them if they could do this, and they said yes.

How would you describe their Project Management?

It's a small company. They succeeded and met their deadlines. It was a positive experience and they are also quick to react.

As far as time and budget, has everything been as initially planned?

There have been very small delays, but nothing out of the ordinary.

What was the budget range for this project?

It was around 10,000 Euro.

Was their expertise up to what you expected?

At some point, I made some small mistakes in the logical chain of the project. However, those were on me. We worked together in solving these small problems. Sometimes, we succeeded and sometimes not. It has been a learning experience for all.

Highlight the best things about VHCI.

They are trustful. They get the schedule.

Any area in which you think VHCI can improve on?

They should increase their team to be able to work in bigger applications.

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VHCI Business Development company services

VHCI Business Development company apps

BI - Sales Dashboard for a distribution company

BI - Sales Dashboard for a distribution company

BI - Sales Dashboard for a distribution company

BI - Sales Dashboard for a distribution company

Cross Platform
BI - Sales Dashboard for a distribution company screenshot

A distribution company implemented a new dashboard for its sales team. One of the main objectives was to encourage a healthy competition between its key account managers (KAM).
The new strategy focused on the ABC segmenting model and the average invoice value per segment. Selected KPIs were measured and the sellers with the top results were the ones who were consistently following the new strategy.

Data is obtained from SAP on a daily basis.

One of the most useful widget proved to be the daily customer evolution. A tool that allow to observe anomalies within customer buying habits and take action before they harm the overall revenue.

Digital Transformation for a Freight Forwarder Company

Digital Transformation for a Freight Forwarder Company

Digital Transformation for a Freight Forwarder Company

Digital Transformation for a Freight Forwarder Company

Digital Transformation for a Freight Forwarder Company screenshot

Keeping track in real time of costs (with daily currency updates), ships arrival or departures, automatic notification for customers, containers management. Statistics with revenue, profit and volume for each order, customer, supplier, etc.

VHCI Business Development company works

VHCI Business Development work

Order page

Order page

Digital Transformation Project.<br />Documents, invoices, cost/sales details, meta-information, statistics and modification logs.

VHCI Business Development work

Sales statistics - Freight Forward Company

Sales statistics - Freight Forward Company

Data are randomly generated for demo purposes only.

VHCI Business Development work

BI dashboard.

BI dashboard.

Data visualization tools for sales statistics.

VHCI Business Development work

BI - Sales comparison

BI - Sales comparison

Good selection of KPI\'s generates a healthy competition.

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