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Hi, I'm Sarah, an app and web developer from Melbourne with an interest in how apps touch people's lives.

You're an individual or a small business with an idea for a touch app and it's great. Perhaps you've been thinking about it for some time.

You need help with tech design and building the app, but a big software company or someone overseas both seem a bit impersonal.

I can work with you, understanding not just the technical side but also how you hope to touch lives with your app. I'll become a kind of collaborator on the project, suggesting improvements and how to go about it.

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iOS · iPhone · iPad · Apple Watch · Wearable
Exerbeats screenshot

Exerbeats matches the speed of your music to the pace you want to exercise at, giving the perfect workout music.

Privacy Check

Privacy Check

Social Networking
Privacy Check

Privacy Check

iOS · iPhone
Privacy Check screenshot

Ever wondered how much information you or your loved ones are publicly sharing on social media?

Privacy Check is the app for you. It gives you the power to review other’s social media profiles, without requiring a password.

Parents can use Privacy Check to independently audit the Facebook®, Twitter® and Instagram® accounts for themselves and their family members, determine what information strangers can see, and generate a score out of 100 reflecting privacy breaches.

Check Yourself. Compare with others. Take control of your social media privacy.

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Exerbeats lets you listen to your playlist at beat you want to exercise to. Set a pace and Exerbeats will select the songs that fit – even altering the tempo of songs in real time to more precisely fit your exercise regime.

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