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    We specialize in the development of large and medium-sized sites, web applications, and portals with a complex and rich functionality. We are able to cope with heavy loads and are happy to undertake the solution of complex problems. Symfony2 web development in the stfalcon company is not just a profitable investment, it is the ability to get absorbed in an atypical adventure along with venturesome who really dig their work and who skillfully solve any mega complicated problem. Despite going wild with creativity and adventurism, we have a very serious attitude towards the requirements of our customers and timing of orders, so you can expect adequate, pleasant and interesting collaboration.

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    THE TASKS THAT WE SOLVE: Creating of sophisticated Web-based products (sites, portals, applications) with rich functionality; Creating of systems with high loads. In developing highload products, we use the latest technologies that allow easily cope with any weight. Promoting start-ups. We are interested in working with startups and developing sites for growing companies.

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