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SoftLoft is an innovative eCommerce software company, providing the full range of services related to Magento and custom web development. Founded in 2008 and based in Ukraine, we supply our Customers around the world with agile, reliable, and cost-effective eCommerce solutions.

SoftLoft offers fully tailored services to match the individual Customers' needs, with ongoing support and quick problem solving. We ensure that your solution remains operating non-stop at full capacity.

Hiring only the best Magento development experts, we offer a full 100% money back guarantee – if a provided solution doesn’t meet your quality standards, it doesn’t meet ours!

To develop and launch a Magento based store is only a small part of what we can deliver. Our day-to-day activity extends to all phases of development and support of your online business.

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SOFTLOFT company reviews

Peony online store

SoftLoft worked to develop an online store for Peony – a homeware and lingerie marketplace.

SoftLoft has developed a new website based on Magento 2 technology, with an attractive and responsive design which is absolutely suitable for mobile shopping. The platform was integrated with the API of the biggest delivery operator and a product aggregator marketplace number 1 in Ukraine. A great job has been done on the SEO optimization of the project. A lot of customization and specific work on details have been delivered a due course.

In addition to this, SoftLoft team appeared to be extremely communicative, responsive and helpful. Their technical advice, training, and support brought a great value and made it possible to launch the project in short terms.

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Please present yourself and your business.

My name Irina, I am CEO and Founder of 2 companies SHIRLYOPT and PEONY STORE. SHIRLYOPT is a wholesale company: Lingerie, Swimwear and home wear. We import it from the UK, Spain, Brazil, Turkey... We are starting to produce in Ukraine now too!
Another business which is pretty closely related is PEONY STORE: retail for the same products. We have our own showroom in Kharkiv, the second biggest city in Ukraine.

Could you explain the average scope extend SoftLoft of the work you usually give them?

For now, we have a pretty big scope of work, so usually, it is one developer who is busy full time + PM from SoftLoft because we are growing and have to implement many new features like integration with Hotline,, our stock management system... Next steps are going to be Google feed, change credit card payment gateway and then many more!

How did you get to meet the SoftLoft team and what led you to hiring them?

I met SoftLoft by recommendation from my friends creating their own online retail business, then we had about 6-month long meetings and negotiations to approve concept and ideas

How was their project management?

It is good. First, it sounded pretty difficult for me to use Jira (never hear about it before) or Slack, but once we started using it, we noticed that it is really helpful and their project manager Tatiana is always available for us. Sometimes we need to do activities over the weekend, and she helped us anyway.

What is the average budget range you spend for your project with them?

This is private information, but I can say it is a pretty big amount already spent. In any case, it is an investment.

Are projects usually completed as expected? Is time and the budget the same you agree on?

Our project is not completed, it is ongoing, but yes, it is matching our expectations.

Do you find their expertise up to what you expected? Did they ever require any kind of training from your end to understand your product?

Yes, we had to meet them a few times because they requested a lot of info and questions on how our business worked, what products we sold and so on. Regarding training, I would say they trained me and my team on how to use Magento: catalogue, categories, attributes and many other things.

Please highlight the best things of SoftLoft.

Their approach, skills and comunication.

Is there anything you believe SoftLoft could improve on?

I would recommend to them that they don't push clients to make decisions about some features too fast. I understand they want to deliver but sometimes we need time to think.

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H&M is a major fashion company, offering a wide array of clothing for adults and kids alike. Established more than 70 years ago, H&M currently trades in over 43 online markets.


Bendon Lingerie

Bendon Lingerie

Bendon Lingerie Online store represents a wide choice lingerie with over 2000 styles. With a well-thought-out structure, product filters and navigation, visitors can quickly find the product that suits them perfectly.


Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is a world-famous brand, best known for its women’s lingerie products and annual fashion show.<br /><br />SOFTLOFT helped introduce the brand to the Middle East market in close cooperation with representatives from Magento (an Adobe Inc. company).


Miller Harris

Miller Harris

A Britain perfumer Lyn Harris founded Miller Harris in 2000. Before that she spent 5 years training in France at one of the highly prestigious schools of the perfume in Paris and then Robertet in Grasse. Lyn Harris works with natural materials in classical French style.




Shobr is a marketplace with global ambitions. SoftLoft faced a challenge to rewrite and finalize the current solution for the suppliers’ portal. We implemented the uploading and management of all the products to be presented by different vendors in the marketplace.