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Softeq Development Corp. developer overview

Softeq offers full-stack development capabilities with extensive mobile experience. From corporate productivity and workflow continuum to feature-rich consumer apps, from closely intersected enterprise systems complemented by a mobile screen to sleek mobile messaging and video streaming, from low-level to client-side (brought to most unconventional form-factors, wearables included) - we\'ll put these ideas into action.

Clients: Nike, Intel, AMD, Epson.

Tapping into 20 years hands-on tech practice and getting the nods from our global clients (follow for first-hand reviews, Softeq covers all areas of mobile development:

- Native Apps (iOS, Android, Windows);
- Cross-platform Mobile Solutions on Unity and Xamarin;
- Mobile apps for wearables and IoT and full-stack development of connected solutions;
- Web Backends for Mobile & M2M Communication;
- Mobile SDKs & System Utilites.

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Android App Development

Softeq develops performant apps for a wide range of Android devices from mobile phones and tablets to wearable and smart devices. The company is home to a unique combination of software engineering skills that covers both low-level development and end-user app development competence. The team successfully handles tasks that involve Android kernel customization, custom ROM solutions creation, the development of apps for Android TV and apps relying on extensive Wear API utilization.

Cross Platform App Development

Softeq creates apps available across different platforms and conforming with the UI, visual design and controls requirements for each single platform. Building on the team's expertise in cross-platform app development, Softeq's clients have an opportunity to gain maximum reach for their solution at a fraction of a cost. The company will help cut down on your expenses and expected timeline for a project in comparison with native app development endeavors for multiple platforms separately. Powerful Xamarin and Qt are part of Softeq's habitual toolset in this area.

iOS App Development

Having an advanced level of command of Objective-C and Swift, as well as understanding of intrinsic peculiarities and human interface requirements for the entire line of Apple's products & OSs (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, HomeKit accessories, and more), Softeq iOS team provides extensive support with full-cycle app development for the Apple device ecosystem. Being an official MFi Program licensee, we can also assist with the creation of Apple-device-compatible accessories, and solutions leveraging iBeacon-enabled proximity contexts. Such solutions comprise design and development of custom objects beaming iBeacon signal.

Wearable App Development

The Softeq team has solid experience in building Android Wear apps, handling the key tasks related to syncing data, customizing UIs for every possible "breed" of custom devices with offbeat form factors, creating watch faces, wirelessly pairing with mobile devices, and making use of location-based capabilities that comprise indoor positioning and proximity interaction based on Android Beam connectivity.

Internet of Things App Development

Softeq creates compelling video steaming experiences by building apps for Android TV users. We deliver apps that ensure high-quality smooth uninterrupted streaming infused with rich social functionality and messaging features that bring to viewers an interactive and utterly enjoyable watching experience.

iPhone App Development

Softeq creates apps for iPhone that epitomize Apple's aesthetics and visual culture, and empower users with productivity both for their personal and professional agenda, and facilitated daily scenarios packed with rich interactivity and entertainment experiences (whether it's business apps, sports or leisure solutions, digital entertainment or anything else).

iPad App Development

Softeq streamlines its clients' plans for performing efficiently in-the-field business tasks or gaining their customer trust and loyalty by treating their patrons to top-quality video stories, top-grade customer care, and highly intuitive brand experiences offered on iPad devices. The iOS team at Softeq helps create iPad apps that strike a cord with users.

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Softeq Development Corp. developer works

Softeq Development Corp. work

Mobile Eye Scan App with Custom Pupil Size Detection Algorithm Used for Drug Intoxitaion Detection

Softeq has built an app for iOS and Android devices that makes use of camera for revealing drug intoxication cases. To detect drug abuse, the app allows taking a picture (scan) of the eyes of a person presumably under the influence of drugs, and analyze their pupil size for deviations from the norm.

Softeq Development Corp. work

iOS Valet Parking Service App

Softeq has created an app for on-the-go booking of and payment for car parking service. The app relies on Apple Maps for finding an available valet parking service and GPS routing for guiding users to a selected location. It is integrated with Braintree payment platform for transaction processing.

Softeq Development Corp. work

All-in-one Universal Task Management and Planning App for iOS Devices Built with Swift

Softeq has created an app that aggregated under one roof functional capabilities of disparate iOS productivity apps, providing easy-to-use unified UI for day-to-day activities planning. Contacts and events, sms and emails, camera and images, and even weather forecasts are accessible through one app.

Softeq Development Corp. work

Smart TV Media Streaming App for Samsung

Samsung launched a revolutionary electronic product — Smart TV, which supports easy access to and control of the users’ favorite shows, movies, apps, and streaming content – and decided to build an app that would enable Samsung mobile device users to stream media content accessible through Smart TV.

Softeq Development Corp. work

NVIDIA\'s NVContacts: Contact Management Business App for Multi-platform Use

With a variety of disparate employee information management applications installed across the company’s global offices, NVIDIA called for a corporate system that would bring unified instant access to contact and organizational data of 8,000+ employees working across the company’s locations.

Softeq Development Corp. work

Interactive Riflescope with Sensor-based Data Processing Capabilities

Softeq performed debugging, enhancement and final delivery of a multiplatform mobile app to transform a mobile phone into a riflescope for tactical rifles, paintball markers, and airsoft guns. The app utilizes smartphone’s built-in sensors to capture and output the environmental data on the screen.

Softeq Development Corp. work

Atlas Copco Newsstand Available on iOS/Android Devices for Fortune 500 Manufacturer

For years, Atlas Copco, a Fortune 500 company and the world’s leading producer of industrial tooling and equipment, has been publishing a number of designated magazines for industrial professionals. Eventually, the company decided to launch one of them, BUILD, on iOS and Android platforms.

Softeq Development Corp. work

Secure Financial Organizer for Android Devices

Softeq’s Mobile App Development Team created a business application that accommodates the needs for personal financial asset tracking and management by securely storing sensitive data.

Softeq Development Corp. work

Event Mobile App with Live Video Streaming for Blizzard Entertainment

BlizzCon Guide utilizes web services for fetching up-to-the-minute updates about the show – a must-attend event attracting thousands of gamers. To make the app even more appealing to the users, it was integrated with a third-party video platform to support live video streaming.

Softeq Development Corp. work

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