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  • Hockey Québec

    The MAHG program (Méthode d’apprentissage du hockey sur glace) contains all initiation requirements for hockey in the province of Quebec. Since 1976, this program designed by Hockey Quebec is offered in all regions of Quebec online and i[...]

  • Graines de changement - Nature Québec

    Graines de changements is an educational application that deals with various topics related to urban agriculture. Urban agriculture refers to the city and the fact that it is possible to cultivate the land to produce plants in this specific[...]

  • Taxi Coop

    Taxi Coop Québec 525-5191 is the leader in the taxi market in Quebec city. The cooperative strives for innovation and improvement. This is why they requested Nomade Mobile Solutions’ expertise. To keep up with the competition, the compan[...]

  • CSD Construction

    CSD Construction chose to go ahead with a mobile app for his workers. Nomade Mobile Solutions successfully lived up to the challenge. We are proud to contribute to the syndicate’s technological leap. The CSD Construction app is an iPhone [...]


    SOPFEU (Society of protection of forests against fire) is an organization whose mission is to maximize the protection of forests against fire, since 1994. The SOPFEU application is an essential tool to stay updated on forest fire hazards in[...]