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rndity; is still a relatively new organization with pretty strong foundations. Most of our team members have been working together for over 10 years!

Our competencies allow us to build full Internet of Things solutions in-house. That given we can provide our clients with business focused service as well as complement our partners' resources.
We strongly believe that fair partnership relations between us and our clients allow us for developing beautiful products in the sufficient manner that leads to great business results. And the best way of starting any project is getting to know each other, defining main goals and redefining them if necessary during workshops individually crafted for a specific venture.

We put much effort in a design phase of every project to skip out any avoidable complications in the development process.

Holla us if you need help with:
Product Development
Product Design
Business Development
MVP creation
Requirements determination
Cost calculation

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podioom screenshot

podioom is a booking service dedicated to personal training sessions. We have designed and developed the first version of the whole system consisting of two main touch points - one for Trainers and one for their clients.

The one presented here is an app for the clients allowing them to find Trainers nearby or in any location of preference, getting to know what they can get for their money by exploring Trainers offer and making/managing their reservations.

Although the product is being implemented gradually, it has been expected that it will reach breaking point pretty quickly. Therefore the entire platform is based on highly scalable backend platform designed to support thousands of trainers and millions of customers. To fulfill scalability and performance requirements we've developed podioom platform using Go Lang technology and native reactive frameworks for iOS and Android.