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Rhytha Inc developer overview

Rhytha established in the year 2006, the company which began as a small entity has now risen to become a pioneer in the area of IT solutions, offering a wide spectrum of services including -

Sencha Development
Mobile Apps for IOS & Android
PHP/mySQL Development
Server Maintenance and Support
Windows Application Development
Business Web Applications on Cloud
Expertise in User Experience Creation

Rhytha is a small web startup agency providing personalized software development services for business across the world. With our experience in front-end GUI technologies like Sencha, jQuery, mobile technologies like iOS, Android and backend PHP/mySQL we provide a low cost TCO for business applications.

Rhytha Inc developer interview

After a few months, we got back in touch with Muthukumar Prakasam, CEO of Rhytha, to see how things are going for him and his company. Your last interview was published on 2014. What great apps have you been working on since then and what are your biggest plans for next year? For the last year, we have been working on 2 new projects. iPhone A game which uses turn-based play with leader board with an interesting game logic mimicking sub-atomic chain reaction. We hope that once it hits the i...
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iOS App DevelopmentiPhone App DevelopmentiPad App DevelopmentAndroid App DevelopmentWeb DevelopmentEnterprise App Development
iOS App Development

Your company app is a key tool in operations, be it for your marketing, sales or for notifying your distributed workforce, so get it done from the experts at Rhytha. Rhytha will provide you the best fit iOS app solution for your business requirements after project analysis.

Android App Development

We develop apps for Android. From simple web apps to complex Business native applications which can connect to your backend Corporate Database using thin API client.

iPhone App Development

We have created iPhone apps for our clients such as: - iBoast - Kekkon Ouen - Dress Advisor - Triple R Diesel - BigValueDepot

Web Development

We develop web applications and website on for the browser. Whatever be your requirement we can create customize web applications which can help your business solve business problems.

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iOS · iPhone
IndiaTourVisit screenshot

IndiaTourVisit – The India Tour Guide and the India Tour Planner
IndiaTourVisit App helps the tourists to know more information about the places in India cities. The App will guide the tourist to plan India Tour ahead for the trip with the valuable information provided in our app. IndiaTourVisit App saves your time and avoids frustration by having all the required information for a fun filled trip.
IndiaTourVisit App has the following features listed below:

Tour Categories:
The tour categories are classified as:
• Family
• Singles
• Business Professionals
• Newlywed Couples
• Clubbers

Family: The family tour Category is further divided into
• Vacation by theme:
Vacation by theme is classified as:
• Adventure
• Beach
• Cultural
• Mountain
• Wildlife
Under each category mentioned above, the tourist places are listed in alphabetical order. The tourists will be able to know more about the place, nearest railway station, nearest Airport etc.

• Vacation by destination
In Vacation by destination, the cities are listed in alphabetical order.
The tourist places to see in each city are listed. The tourists will be able to know more about the place, preferred timings, nearest railway station, nearest Airport etc.

The Singles category is further divided into Man and Woman.
The Best travel locations for Man are provided.
Likewise, the Best travel locations for woman are provided.

Business Professionals:
The business professionals category provides information about the travel companies in India. This information will be more helpful for Business Professionals who are visiting the city for the first time.
The Name, Address, Contact details of the travel companies is provided.

NewlyWed Couples:
The newlywed couples can select the best destinations listed in our app.
The places are listed in alphabetical order.
The best resorts and best cruises information is also provided to the newlywed couples.

The best Clubs in each city are listed.

City Guides:
The information about the cities, facts about the cities, tourist attractions are provided in City Guides.

Govt Tourism:
The information about the cities, tour packages are provided.

Tour Planner:
Tour Details about the One Day Tour, Two Days Tour, Three Days Tour, Four Days Tour, and Five Days Tour are provided.

Hotels - Accommodation:
The Hotels - Accommodation feature provides the details about the hotels in the cities.

Preparations for the Trip:
Preparations for the Trip help the user to prepare for the trip in a successful way.

Food Varieties:
The users can know the information about various food varieties.

The Restaurants in each city are listed .The contact details, address, timings are provided.

Best shopping malls in each city are listed.

Cinema Halls:
The best cinema halls in each city are listed.

iWedPlanner - The Wedding Planner

iWedPlanner - The Wedding Planner

iWedPlanner - The Wedding Planner

iWedPlanner - The Wedding Planner

iOS · iPhone
iWedPlanner - The Wedding Planner screenshot

Planning and organizing the wedding can be very stressful, the iWedPlanner is the best iPad, iPhone and iPod app to help you keep your stress level down. Never forget meetings, appointments, or miss making payments again because the wedding planner apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod has a remarkable feature that will sinew automatic reminders of any upcoming event. Using the free iPad, iPhone and iPod app you will be able to locate the perfect wedding type, florist, wedding dresses, DJs and bands. The iWedPlanner iPad, iPhone and iPod app is a complete wedding planning utility, allowing you to start planning your wedding and assisting you to get the great results you’re looking for.

Take A Look At The Features You Will Get:

1. To-Do-List
Access your list at any time, from anywhere. The way things work is that there’s always that one little thing that you may forget, the beauty of the iPad, iPhone and iPod app is that you can add to the list any time. It doesn’t matter if the wedding checklist is complete, incomplete, or partial.

2. Vendors
The wedding planner iPad, iPhone and iPod app gives you access to hundreds of wedding vendors. You can find wedding suppliers in your area of and use the app to compile a list of all your favorites. Having this list will be very handy in the days to come, the wedding planner iPad, iPhone and iPod app allows you to keep a detailed record of each vendor.

3. My wedding day
Get help, counting down the days until your big event. The wedding planner app gives you an accurate display of how many days you have left to get things organized. It counts down in months, hours and minutes. The pressure is on some knowing, how much time you have is very important.

4. Organizer
The absolute greatest challenge to planning a beautiful wedding is organization. The wedding planner iPad, iPhone and iPod that is the ultimate organizer. Includes a place for contact details, quick note and appointments. It also includes gift tracker, a place to list songs so the wedding is capable of posting directly to Twitter and Facebook.

5. Reminder
The 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 reminder countdown will keep you on top of those hectic days. The fact that you can set reminders for important days in dates has to be one of the iPad, iPhone and iPod apps best features. You will never forget to pay your vendors on time or miss a rehearsal.

Keeping track of who’s been invited is an awesome task. Not only does the iWedPlanner iPad, iPhone and iPod app have all the aforementioned cool features. It can also save you money. Just about everyone today has an email address and you can use your wedding planner. RSVP feature to send an email invitation and get your responses faster. There are three different list categories inherent in the feature. They are the engagement party lists, wedding list and the reception list. You can see all of the people that you invited at a glance.

7. Seating
The seating arrangement is apt to change from day to day. The iWedPlanner seating chart is a valuable tool that can be used to add or delete people all the time. Using wedding planner gives the bride and the groom an overall view of the plans. Nobody gets the seating right the first time, deciding who sits next to whom at the engagement wedding and reception is a time consuming task. The iPad, iPhone and iPod app allow you to define each table by numbers seated and you can also get summaries of what tables are full and which table has empty seats.

8. Budget Calculator
Keeping track of budget is of primary importance when planning a wedding. The budget calculation feature in the iWedPlanner iPad, iPhone and iPod app is designed so that you can keep track of not only who contributed and how much but also estimates. This means you can list the items you want to purchase and how much you think you will need to pay for them, you can also input information about actual purchase prices in the budget calculator return the difference to the budget.





Android · iOS
konkatsuapp screenshot

Popular matchmaking comparison site has gotten use to those of 50,000 people every month, finally appeared to become Android app!
In the present application, area of ​​age and you live among the leading marriage agency 10 companies now topic was in conditions such as your occupation, you will diagnose your matchmaking experience course which you can try in a perfect free.

For example,
free your opponent introduction with a photograph
"both thought" experience with data matching
gift-matchmaking guidebook
there is like.

Even those who are thinking of marriage hunting, or even those who are interested in matchmaking, First, do not try the free matchmaking experience course?

■ Features of this app ■
popular matchmaking comparison site has gotten use to the people of every month, 50,000 people, appeared! finally become Android apps
without worrying about and age, you can join us.
· Contact the residence area of I diagnose the matchmaking free experience that corresponds.
And personal information we have been strictly managed.
• For matchmaking detailed documentation of marriage agency that had you choose the experience,
and I am allowed to send it by no simple envelope of the description of the company name, please rest assured.





Scaffold screenshot

ScaffApp is for estimating different aspects of scaffolding.
Good for Cuplok, Ringlock and Kwikstage.

It includes the following:

* LEG LOAD - Calculates the leg load of access scaffold. The results show inside and outside leg loads in KiloNewtons (kN). Keep the engineers happy and the clients impressed.

* GEAR LIST - Get a gear list for perimeter scaffold with just a few key variables. Very powerful. Stairs and ladders will be added in a future release.

* WEIGHT ESTIMATOR - Using key variables, get a good estimate of the total weight and a breakdown of weight for gear categories (ie standards, ledgers, etc.).

* LENGTH CALCULATOR - Get the exact length of a run of bays for Kwikstage (2438mm, 1829mm etc). Useful for seeing what bay combinations will best fit different wall and building lengths.

Please feel free to send an email to us via the address link below for any queries, suggestions and feedback.





Aparto screenshot

Aparto is an app for apartment tenants and apartment owners to interact with each other.The app provides a platform for the people living in single apartment complex or a block of apartments to interact with each other provided they all share the same address of that apartment. Neighbors can organised and manage their events within their community and they can chat with each other. It consists of the following features:

1. Aparto Feed
2. Notification
3. Events
4. Neighbors
5. Complaints
6. Settings
7. Help





Android · iOS
PNGJobSeek screenshot

PNGJOBSEEK provides job seekers with an innovative way to approach their jobs from portal directly from their iPhones. Using PNGJOBSEEK app it takes only a few clicks to find a job and apply using user-friendly interface optimized for mobile phone screen.There is no need to enter your site URL and login credentials each time to make a job search. The application provides all the main features:
• Searching for a job,
• Applying for a job,
• Saving a job for later review,
• Creating job alerts,
• Viewing job on map,
• Emailing job to a friend.
• Latest Jobs





iOS · iPhone
iBoast screenshot

People always want to boast about their little ones achievements, the first steps they take, tying their shoe laces, special occasions emotional moments and inexpressible lovely experiences they've had with their kids.

iBoast allows them to recall all those memories in their true form and not to look back on old discolored, weather-beaten artifacts of distant fading memories in a neat little app just for those occasions.

Out of the million other photos, some are special and deserve a special place to store, sort and retrieve at the right moment, when your with your parents, your old school friend who has just dropped by, or your ex.

iBoast is a simple to use photo album to show to about their kids photos and share it in facebook, twitter.

Features :

- Create any number of albums
- Store photos with titles, descriptions
- Make any photo as your favorite one.
- Load the favorite view with favorite photos
- Edit, Rename and Delete photos
- Swipe through the photos in any album
- Manage albums by renaming or deleting them
- Tell the story behind a photo by sharing it online

Triple R Diesel

Triple R Diesel

Triple R Diesel

Triple R Diesel

iOS · iPhone
Triple R Diesel screenshot

Triple R Diesel has been in business since 2001 with 30 years in the trucking industry. Triple R Diesel has grown from a small service shop to a national company that focus on building custom trucks. Triple R Diesel has build over 900 trucks throughout the United States.





iOS · iPhone
BigValueDepot screenshot

BigValueDepot.com "Click It! List It!" APP!

This APP was tested by an 11 year old boy who gave it the thumbs up because it was so easy to use... He now uses this APP to sell his baseball cards online!

Sell Your Items Online Using Your Iphone or Ipad!

Listing and selling your items online has never been easier thanks to the Big Value Depot "Click It And List It" Iphone and Ipad APP! This APP is FREE and will give you access to a FREE listing and selling account with BigValueDepot.com!

What Is Big Value Depot?

BigValueDepot.com is the latest and greatest place to list your items for sale online! Use BigValueDepot.com in conjunction or as an alternative to websites such as Craigslist and Ebay. BigValueDepot.com has thousands of shoppers looking for the items you are selling and is a great place to DIVERSIFY your online selling!

Add This APP To Your Iphone or Ipad And Start Selling Today!

When you add this APP to your Iphone or Ipad you will be given a FREE listing account with BigValueDepot.com. You will see the SIMPLICITY of listing an item for sale and SNAPPING up to 4 pictures using your Iphone or Ipad to display that item for your potential customers! BigValueDepot.com even gives you the option of owning an online webstore where you can list up to 1000 items that can all be listed using this APP!

This APP is PERFECT for:

- Estate Sale Brokers
- Independent Car Dealers
- Realtors
- Garage Sales
- Antique Shops
- Retailers
- MLM Marketers Selling Products
- ANYONE who wants to sell something online!
- Liquidators
- Non Profit Organizations

Catch The BigValueDepot.com Wave by using the "Click It And List It APP!"

The FREE Big Value Depot APP for iPhone and iPad allows you to join and post into one of the fastest growing online marketplaces. Easily post photos, descriptions and sell on BigValueDepot.com and all from one EASY to use APP!

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    Sell Your Items Online Using Your Iphone or Ipad!Listing and selling your items online has never been easier thanks to the Big Value Depot \'Click It And List It\' Iphone and Ipad APP! This APP is FREE and will give you access to a FREE listing and selling account with BigValueDepot.com!

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    People always want to boast about their little ones achievements, the first steps they take, tying their shoe laces, special occasions emotional moments and inexpressible lovely experiences they\'ve had with their kids.

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    Konkatsu Free Trial diagnosis Navi

    Konkatsu comparison site popular most customers comes up Become a Android app finally towards the 50,000 people every month!In this application, meet your location and age, the condition of your occupation, etc.

    Rhytha Inc work

    Lamborghini Genius

    This app combines wallpaper, engine sound, and specification apps into one! This is the best app out there for Lamborghini enthusiasts and includes every Lamborghini model to this date! Come check out our HQ photos and audio clips while reading detailed specifications of each car

    Rhytha Inc work

    Triple R Diesel

    Triple R Diesel has been in business since 2001 with 30 years in the trucking industry. Triple R Diesel has grown from a small service shop to a national company that focus on building custom trucks. Triple R Diesel has build over 900 trucks throughout the United States.

    Rhytha Inc work

    Weather Dress Me.

    Through a series of fun and thoughtful visual questions this application will know your mood and what you are about to do. With this knowledge, the application will be able to recommend you which clothing is the one that best suits you.

    Rhytha Inc work

    PNG Job Seek Mobile Application (IOS & Android)

    Job search engine for Papua New Guinea VIa mobile app and also we did a responsive website

    Rhytha Inc work

    ScaffApp - Scaffold Calculator

    ScaffApp is a useful tool for estimating different aspects of scaffolding.
    Can be used for any modular scaffold using 48.3mm systems such as Cuplok, Ringlock and Kwikstage.

    Rhytha Inc work


    Bidify app serves as a platform for the Bidify customers to maintain and check their statistics, points, Bonuses, Account balances and Transactions. The user first logs in to the app and lands on to the welcome screen. The following are the main icons, screens and functionalities.

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