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At Prayuta, we allow and promote the innovative ideas to solve different business problems. Along with it, we offer an outlook for optimising the methods.
Our innovative and positive energy helps our team as well as our clients to work together in the best possible way. Prayuta is an ideal blend of innovation and knowledge which will make you thank your stars.

We are primarily a product based company and even provide services in the field of Web Development, Software Development, Mobile Apps, System Integration, Support and SLA, and Consultancy and Analysis.

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Web Development

We've got an unparalleled expertise in PHP, WordPress, HTML 5, CSS 3, and YiiFramework. We're not satisfied until everything works perfectly and have an unquenchable thirst for solutions.

Cross Platform App Development

We've developed a handful of apps with the latest Flutter Framework which is still in beta.

Windows App Development

C#, .NET, SQL, MySQL, PHP, Yii FrameWork, WordPress, HTML 5, CSS 3.

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Prayuta Technologies Private Limited developer apps

Daily Finance

Daily Finance

Daily Finance

Daily Finance

Android · iOS · iPhone · iPad · Cross Platform
Daily Finance screenshot

DailyFinance app is used to manage everyday collections and loans lent to borrowers by people who are into daily finance business. This app lets you manage and check the reports daily, weekly or a custom date range as per the app user requirements.

1. Setup the default Interest rate and number of installments in setting screen.
2. On board new customers along with the photo, address and reference contact.
3. Provide the loan to the customers.
4. Outstanding payment , Collection and Balance Amount for each loan/customer
5. Complete payment history of the customer for each loan account.
6. Reports – Daily , Weekly, Monthly, Yearly for Credits, Debits, Profit and Loss(Consolidated).
7. Dial the customer by clicking on the phone icon in customer payment detail page.
8. Supports Online – Offline mode, Application works seamlessly in offline mode.
9. Data is retained securely and can be accessed by our app using any device.

Chit Fund

Chit Fund

Chit Fund

Chit Fund

Android · iOS · iPhone · iPad · Cross Platform
Chit Fund screenshot

Chitfund is an app which simplifies the Chits business.
This application is mainly focused for our locale. In this business customers will contribute a fixed amount of money every month which depends on the total amount and the number of contributors.
The contributed amount is now auctioned and the person who wins the auction gets the total amount. The remaining amount is distributed equally among every contributor. This process happens every month manually and one co-ordinator needs to maintain books for every chit.
The person co-ordinating the process will get a small share every month (which is treated as commission) from the total amount. The app actually simplifies the work of the co-ordinator and the auction process.

1. Online bidding for chits,
3. All your Data is stored securely and can only be accessed by you.
4. Supports online and offline modes.
5. Automatic calculations and reports.
6. Track all your pending and monthly collections.

Share My Ticket

Share My Ticket

Share My Ticket

Share My Ticket

Android · iOS · iPhone · iPad · Cross Platform
Share My Ticket screenshot

ShareMyTicket is the perfect solution to sell your Movie or Event Tickets and Shopping Vouchers or Coupons to a host of community members if you have bought a ticket and cannot make it to the occasion or in no mood for shopping. This app can help you not to lose your money on a wasted ticket.

ShareMyTicket is a go to app for the last minute tickets of your favourite movie or events.Just register and you can post tickets or coupons and also check the available tickets posted by community members. You can contact the seller by phone and purchase your favourite movie tickets.he app provides the basic platform to buy and sell movie or event tickets which were bought by the community members, but unfortunately cannot make it to cinema or an event.

You can buy tickets just before the show time and no need to make advance purchases. A member of the community can make a ticket available to community members just before the show time and save money as you don’t get any refunds for absence

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