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  • Ukraine, Zaporizhia, Zaporizhzhya
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  • Founded: 2015
  • 50-100 employees
  • Avg. budget: $20k-$25k (USD)
  • Hourly fee: $33/h (USD)

PowerCode developer overview

Proudly based in Ukraine, our passionate, user-oriented designers have an iron grip of the tools we use to build exceptional digital experiences. We believe web development should never be boring. It should never be weak.

We never forget that your business goals drive everything. That’s why our beautiful web and mobile designs blend your brand objectives into intuitive and impactful products every step of the way.

Every project we take on is highly customized. We don’t do out-of-the-box solutions because we know that every project is unique. Your application is built for you, solves your challenge, and delivers what you want it to. Besides - we don’t like doing the same thing twice.

Ready to find out what PowerCode can do for you? Contact us and we will pick a team to create an ideal product for you.

PowerCode developer interview

Artur Buyukyan, CFO of PowerCode followed up with us after his first interview on our blog last December (Top app development companies interview: Powercode). Artur gave us a little update on how his company is doing and how they see the mobile market going. Without further ado, let’s see what Artur and Powercode had to say in this 2018: Your last interview was published in December, 2017. What great apps has PowerCode been working on since then? We have been working on numerous apps sinc...
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Android App DevelopmentiOS App DevelopmentWeb Development
Android App Development

Our expert Android mobile development team helps you make the absolute most of your Android experience. We do this by developing efficiently-automated user interface (UI) testing that ultimately ensures a seamless experience across different devices in addition to software support for multiple screen sizes. We always test across a wide selection of devices, making sure to account for varied screen sizes and software versions with our constantly-updated proprietary test framework. Our team of specialists uses leading software development practices to ensure the reach of your application, create custom frameworks, and benefit from new possibilities with future technologies. You’ll find many of our beautiful Android applications on GoogleMarket.

iOS App Development

Our iOS mobile development is executed in agile sprints, targeting subsets of features to implement each week. Our developers work together to solve the technical challenges of the project, while our designers review the interfaces, and our project managers keep everyone on the same page (and sane). Our developers have a masterful understanding of the technical requirements for iOS platforms. Our in-depth understanding of users and their needs is bolstered by our focus on mobile users and our integrated production process. We use the latest iOS mobile interface guidelines and design principles to create the best experience for your users on each platform that work beautifully on all devices. You can find many of our expert applications on the AppStore today.

Web Development

As web development is divided into 2 parts, we make both of them (Front- and Back-end): Front End Coding HTML and CSS are the cornerstone of all our web design projects, and it's our top priority to ensure that every site we develop be perfectly organized by using the latest HTML and CSS standards. We use technical programming standards that bolster your user experience while laying the groundwork for optimal search engine exposure. We use the most advanced tools to write the precise code that forms the backbone of our websites. Oh, and every project we build is made from scratch in-house. Back End Coding Our coding experts get to work setting up web site functionality and flesh out how it will be implemented for your website. Contact forms, product configuration, asset management and all backend logistics are carefully considered and – where needed – implemented with precision.

PowerCode developer reviews

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Lessons - Smartphone and Tablet (iOS and Android )
Client: Budget: more than €25,000 (EUR)

The client was looking for a developer in Eastern Europe after a bad experience with a previous provider. In summary, the client needed to create a platform where students could share notes from their classes and ask for help. The app was required in iOS and Android

The client also required a basic HTML5 webpage. It had to contain the following functionalities:

- Redirect users to AppStore and GooglePlay to download the App on their device
- Contain instruction videos of how the App functions (provided by the client)
- Registration of new users
- Contact / About / CSR

The client also wanted maintenance post development to take care of future bugs and updates from Apple/Google forcing the app not to function as planned.

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Interviewed by AppFutura
  • Expertise
  • Communication
  • On budget
  • Recommended
  • Review dateMay 30, 2018


Introduce yourself and your business.

I am the owner of Lessons and the CEO. I have an investor who is providing the money. My business is a school platform where people can sell their notes and ask other people for help. It is for both students and graduates.

What was your project about?

It was about making a platform for Android and iOS where students and graduates can interact with each other by selling notes and providing advice regarding assignments. There was a payment system, message system, auction system and a rating at the end. This was done on smartphones and tablets as well.

What was the scope you assigned to Powercode?

Besides the app’s functions, they needed to do a homepage and a CMS. They helped with the design, they implemented it, but it was after my wish.

How did you meet Powercode. What led you to hiring them over the other candidates?

I met them through their business manager, Artur. He contacted me on Linkedin. From there, we simply started a conversation, I thought they were very honest. The price and timeframe were compatible compared to the other companies bidding on the project.

How was their project management?

It was very good in the beginning, but there were some delays we didn’t expect. However, they were solved and it was good again. It was me and my investor’s first project and we didn’t know that things could get so complicated. Bottom line is that delay was within an acceptable range.

Was the budget and the time as agreed on? Were there any surprises?

It took a little longer to make things work because of some issues with the payment gateway. The budget was fine. We made it clear from the beginning that the price would be fixed. We paid additionally for some extra services we purchased but that's completely normal.

Was their expertise as you expected?

They were very good with suggestions. We had another provider and things didn’t work out there because they promised too much but didn’t deliver. Powercode was good for that, the project manager was very skilful. Everything was as expected.

What would you say is the best about Powercode?

We haven’t had the possibility to test it with a big audience, but there were very few bugs experienced, so based on that, the product is really good. They’ve been great at their work, and they were very good at proposing solutions when there was a challenge and finding solutions that could fit our desire.

Any areas you feel Powercode could improve on?

A little improvement on the timings they provided. That could’ve been better. We offered everything they needed on time, so they couldn’t be delayed from our side. When looking back, though, I think it’s better to release it a bit later without bugs than release something knowing there are existing bugs.

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Client: Budget: $20,000 – $25,000 (USD)

The client wanted to o create #1 Travel App for the European market, which would allow users to create a personal travel dashboard.

OnBoardMe helps with discovering new places/events/people. It creates personal travel plans with the best dining, sights and live activities.

Powercode was hired to create the full app, which can be used on both Mobile and Web. The backend is on Yii2 and frontend - Angular2

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Interviewed by AppFutura
  • Expertise
  • Communication
  • On budget
  • Recommended
  • Review dateJul 10, 2017


Please present yourself and your business.

My name is Richie, Founder Onboardme travel - A travel planning concierge service.

Explain what your project was about.

The project was to build a responsive website that would allow a quick validation that customers cared about a 21st centre travel planning service that would tackle the painpoint of travel planning/ finding the best results/ making the planning process more interactive & fun.

Explain to what scope extend Powercode was involved in your project.

Powercode were given an initial brief and set of defined user stories with supportive UX wireframes 7 designs.
Powercode spent time reviewing the requirements & understanding the scope of work before breaking down the requirements into milestones and pricing them for me to review.

How did you get to meet the Powercode team and what led you to hiring them?

I met PowerCode through Upwork and I initially spoke with the founder Vladislav and his trusted project manager Andrey. During this time I was speaking with 6 other companies but I found their interview approach to understading my project much more effective and it was a chance for me to understand their technical capabilities

How was their project management?

This is good. The initial phase of the project was met on time and now we have decided to go into a more detail phase of development based on real customer feedback & validation.

We decided to work in 2 week sprints and each week we would have a sprint demo and plan for the next phase of work - This project management kept us agile & lean.

Was the project completed as expected? Was the time and the budget the same you agreed on?

The project was slightly delayed due to both sides not planning in the bug fixing phase as clearly as we could have, but the initial feature building phase was completed as expected.
Within IT development, it is common to expect minor delays as I work on high profile projects as an Agile Business Analyst, so I was satisfied with the end result.

Did you find their expertise up to what you expected? Did they require any kind of training from your end to understand your product?

No training and their team had the skills required to develop our product.

Please highlight the best things of Powercode.

Rapid turnaround of new requirements is always exciting to see, and they went above & beyond what was required a lot of time to find edge cases I didn't anticipate. The pricing is not bad either for the talent & quality of work I am getting.

Are there any areas PowerCode could improve on?

Not that I can think of.

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Landing page for consulting firm
Client: Budget: $1,000 - $2,500 (USD)

The challenge was to make a fresh landing page for an accounting consulting firm using latest UX/UI trends and colours.

Powercode mixed both gradient and bright shades. The mission was to make it look formal and modern at the same time.

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Interviewed by AppFutura
  • Expertise
  • Communication
  • On budget
  • Recommended
  • Review dateJul 04, 2017


Present yourself and you business.

I am a Project Manager. My company name is cabinet-d-expertcomptable.com and we are an accounting company. We are building a platform for clients to do their accounting.

What was your project about?

We wanted build a one-time website for a partnership we had with a major company. We needed it in a really short amount of time. The website is no longer online because the company

What was the scope assigned to PowerCode?

Powercode had to design and build a wordpress website. Technically, the challenges were forms. We were really adamant of CSS, so everything had to be built in bootstrap and Wordpress.

How was their Project Management?

Good. For me, when things get done on time it is good project management!

Regarding budget and time, was everything with PowerCode as expected?

Everything was straight on that front. Powercode delivered in the time and the budget that we agreed upon. No complaints there.

Was their expertise up to what you expected?

For our requirements, their expertise was just right.

What are the best things about PowerCode?

Their dedication to meet deadlines and their overall mindset.

Any areas PowerCode could improve on?

The only things that was a little underwhelming was refering to communcation. Not that they had bad communication, but they were not fluent enough in English at times. Some things were not understood the correct way. So their English skills could improve.

In any case, it wasn't that big of a deal. Just a couple of misunderstandings. What they lacked in English, they still made up in overall communication.

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Lessons App
Client: Budget: €2,500 - €5,000 (EUR)

Adding new functionality.

Developed through AppFutura
  • Expertise
  • Communication
  • On budget
  • Recommended
  • Review dateJul 16, 2018

Scope of BA Work

Client: Budget: less than €1,000 (EUR)

1) Requirement analysis - We will very calefully read through the documentation and ask all the questions to clarify all the requirements.
2) Project architecture. - We will come up with the backend structure and provide you with the interaction diagram.
3) Setting up JIRA project - Choose the right software development methodology and flow. - Tasks breakdown accumulating into a backlog
4) Plan on maintaining the project in details - core processes: development - testing - delivery - 3-month bug fixing period for free - we do provide staging server if needed. - advise on hosting provider

Developed through AppFutura
  • Expertise
  • Communication
  • On budget
  • Recommended
  • Review dateJul 25, 2017

PowerCode developer works

PowerCode work


DealAwards is the best wep app that lets you compare broadband plans from the best providers. Compaire internet providers by price, speed, data and more.

PowerCode work

Follow app

FollowappCare is an intelligent communications platform that effortlessly monitors and informs patients before and after treatment.

PowerCode work


Tech Ready is a leading Sidney based EduTech company equipping women with the skills, education and community they need to empower them on their startup journey.

PowerCode work


The main mission of the website is to help musicians to register their ownership of intellectual property for music creation.

PowerCode work


The aim of the platform is to collaborate doctors and patients within the video session. Patients are able to find a general practitioner or schedule an appointment to have a video session with a specialist.

PowerCode work


OnBoardMe is an innovative travel Start-up from the UK. It helps people with discovering new places/events/people. OBM creates personal travel plans with the best dining, sights and live activities.

PowerCode work


The website was created for selection of kitchen appliances, particularly of blenders, juice squeezer etc.
It has an interesting feature: you can select 5 fruits and you get a suggestion what device is better to buy.

PowerCode work


Suttons Way allows Suttons staff to recognise, reward and communicate with each other. Our goal is to help our clients to create a strong company culture and achieve specific KPIs to deliver long term results.

PowerCode work


PowerCode work


OpenHaus is all about bringing home buyers and home sellers together. You can create your own open house listing in minutes. Snap a few pictures, schedule a date and time, and the RSVPs will start flying in.

PowerCode work


Lessons is an education app, which main goal is to share knowledge between students and teachers.It has an integrated message function which allows communicating with all buddies easily and quickly. Available for Android and iOS, smartphones and tablets.

PowerCode work

DTS Fitness Education

DTS is a system that delivers practical fitness education. This course goes beyond technical information and delivers attend live courses and online education.

PowerCode work
PowerCode work
PowerCode work
PowerCode work

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  • Re: Could Fuchsia OS become an important OS in the future?Android Developers

    PowerCode: It's great news if we talk about competitive spirit in a mobile field. Our opinion on this subject is that Google won't use this OS to take over mobile market. Because it's hard to persuade regular users that new one OS is more comfortable than Android for example. Mostly, they even don't know the difference between them. Google follows a matter of trial and error until the right solution or technology is found. It is possible that Google aims on terminals or Automated Teller Machines. It's so b...
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