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  • Panic Attacks

    This FREE app will help you when you have Panic Attacks. I've had panic attacks myself for 14 years and overcame them. In the app, you'll find various ways to find relaxation. 1- Voice Guided Relaxation Session 2- Other relaxing sounds ([...]

  • V Chats

    With its stable function and user-friendly design, Vchats promises to give it users an interesting and satisfying experience, help them to keep in touch easily with their friends. With our experiences in developing hundreds of mobile app[...]

  • WIn Zip Viewer

    ZipFileViewer provides OPENING ZIP FILE and then easily play/see/launch them without uncompressing. ZipFileViewer supports NOT ONLY ZIP FILE, but it also supports various file formats to run. With its simple interafaces, it's really eas[...]

  • Restaurant Locator

    Restaurant Locator offers a convenient way to find restaurants around a location. You can search for a restaurant around your current location or around other places. If you are looking for restaurants, this app will find them for you. You [...]