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  • iHomie

    Cooperation between the building manager and members of the community is very difficult these days. The relationship in the community is weaker and weaker and this is a pretty large problem. When the manager needs to discuss an important to[...]

  • Extradom

    With the Extradom application, you can view house designs anytime and anywhere. Thanks to advanced filters you can quickly find what you are looking for. The application allows easily save your favorites houses and go back to them anytime. [...]

  • Momox

    Momox is an online platform in Germany that buys used items (movies, music, books) and resells them without auctions.

  • Pickle

    Pickle allows its users to find someone to help them fo any job or task. Users can posts their needs, get in touch with candidates, negotiate and get it done. After the work is complete, there id a rating system to build up a reputation.

  • Gymondo

    Gymondo needed a new way to their online services. They needed clients to be capable of joining fitness programs, watch training videos (work out and nutrition), and provide stats on their progress.