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  • BookQuarks Web App

    Challenge Often the book enthusiasts face a problem when they can't remember to whom they gave the book. Our client is also one such book enthusiasts and did face challenge to keep track of his books when he lent many of his books. This [...]

    Cross Platform
  • ProWellCal - Period Tracker

    A woman’s life is busy, and her wiring complex. ProWell helps you to balance the essentials of your intricate life in a simple way, for optimum well-being. With ProWell, you can: o Track your energy levels throughout the month o [...]

  • MyiCuisine App - BLE enabled Smart Kitchen Utensils App

    iCuisine an interactive app which connectes iCuisines tools seamlessly with recipes to make cooking a breeze. App includes hundreds of recipes with step by step visual experience that interact with the tools to make cooking a fun experience[...]

  • Bayley's Calculator App

    Bayleys Calculator app with 90 day calculator

  • MySGH - Wait Time App for Sistersville General Hospital

    My SGH provides users a full range of options for learning more about Sistersville General Hospital. This app also provides wait times for our walk-in clinics and emergency department as well as directions and contact information. You can r[...]