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  • Sheer Magazine

    Sheer Magazine is an internationally published fashion publication.

  • Guess the Animal

    Guess the Animal, is interactive learning application for kids. Not only it teaches them English Alphabets. It helps build children memory on Animals and English Characters.

  • BizWiz Owners App

    This app assists foundation and waterproofing company Owners in their day to day function that are clients of the software BizWiz. The app allows users to view KPIs, backlog details, locations of employees and view trend reports all from th[...]

  • Qcrazy

    Qcrazy Coupons offers our customers awesome coupons, deals and savings so they can enjoy deep discounts from local businesses and national chains. Qcrazy app will save you money when and where you need it by delivering restaurants, spas,[...]

  • Photago

    Photago is the perfect way to collect and share photos during a wedding, party or any other private event! Create a Photago album and invite your friends. Now all guests can view and upload photos to the album! You can also show all uploade[...]