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iQrypt is a fresh IT services start up located in Iasi city, Romania. It was established in the beginning of 2015 for a single purpose, Security of e-data.
In one year iQrypt has moved forward to have its own products, such as iQrypt SDK and other data security solutions in progress.

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Cristi Ursachi is CEO and Co-founder at Iqrypt. Iqrypt was established in the beginning of 2015 for a single purpose: security of e-data. In one year IQrypt has moved forward to have its own products, such as IQrypt SDK for and IQrypt SDK for Here’s what he had to say about Iqrypt and the developer services they offer: What is iQrypt? IQrypt enables companies to use public cloud services without having to outsource their data. IQrypt is an SDK that encrypts datab...
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  • Demonstrate your App Privacy and stand ahead!Mobile App Marketing

    iQrypt: From a client point of view, I will be much confident to contract any software provider if they can guarantee their software privacy and data security. Since I do protect my App Idea and much careful about exposing it, I won't be happy knowing that all my app users' information are shared on a public cloud. This applies to my end-users also, if I can state that "Yes, my app is highly secured and all my users' data are encrypted" they will have more confident using my app. I did some research and read some "Privacy terms" of public cloud providers, none of them guarantee the data privacy! It would be a great advantage to demonstrate that you provide a secured app, and all you share in public clouds is a "encrypted bunch of bytes"
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  • For Developers who value their apps' data privacyMobile App Marketing

    iQrypt: Using public back-end services like "" is a gift! I've started with Parse since October 2015 with small project and its up in store now. All was going well until one of my end-users said "but what about privacy?". Normally, I don't implement any privacy software in any client's project unless they ask for it, and in this case the EULA didn't guarantee the data privacy since it isn't a must! However, since I got that questions on Google Play app review, I've asked the client to implement Iqrypt SDK as a quick solution, after one day on both iOS and Android apps we've submitted an update with all data transmission encrypted before it reaches Parse server. This step enabled the client to edit the EULA and add a section called "Personal Data Privacy". Adding this "Extra-Privacy" method to the app, with some social awareness of this step, did increase the number of downloads by 15% at least in the first couple of weeks. Please share any thoughts about the same topic.
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  • How Safe is Your App Data?AppFutura Tips

    iQrypt: The need of data privacy is growing along with the technological developments all over the planet, and based on the recent released draft of the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), all e-data handling and transactions has been clearly considered. Recently Mobile Apps Developers started using public clouds to host their apps’ data. This solution has lowered the cost and time of developing any software that deals with end-users data. However, the main drawback of these solutions is the data security, once the data is uploaded to the server it is no more private and there is a risk that the cloud provider exploit your data or even worse if a hacker manage to access the server all data can be exposed in plain text. At iQrypt we’ve been following the regulations and the obligations that E.U adapted, and we know for a fact that the new regulations, especially the Data Protective Directive 95/46/EC is going to be more strict and effective by the beginning of 2016. Based on that we’ve created the new SDK to simply encrypt the data before it leaves the users’ device, using the encryption key that can be managed only by the same user. Our SDK is quite light, fast in terms of performance, and it is compatible with most used platforms in the market “iOS, Android & Windows”. Also our SDK license options are quite efficient and flexible weather you’re a single developer, a small company or an enterprise we have got you all covered! And there is more, if you just finished reading this article, please use this code (1Qf34K9) and send us an email to and we will send you a SIX MONTHS FREE LICENSE Activation code.
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