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  • DiscoLite- Flashlight App

    "It is a flashlight app that plays your favorite music in the background and makes the flash dance to its tune. It's simply turn the simple flashlight to a disco light. You can also use it as a regular flashlight. It also has a two mod[...]

  • Edu App- Education app for students

    EduApp is a simple question answer application for the students for knowing the symptoms of different diseases. Major Features: "Quick Start (This starting page only appears once when the user opens the app for the first time) Select[...]

    Ionic FrameworkJava
  • Blue Light- Customized Health App

    It is an application which tracks usages of multiple devices though out the time. It also helps users to avoid eye strain (eye fatigue, computer vision syndrome) due to long working hours on mobile and desktop computers. It fires a notifica[...]

  • Kevin Hart- Celebrity App

    Kevin Hart is an app that will help all Kevin Hart fans to come across with all his recent updates in all the social media websites/apps. The end users of this app will be facilitated by official youtube channels of Kevin Hart and all his u[...]

    Cross Platform AppIonic Framework
  • Hunger Plaza- The Food Delivery App

    Hunger Plaza is an online food delivery service that lets consumers order food from top notch restaurants near their location. Quick, easy and secure service make it an excellent choice among customers favoring different cuisines. It also c[...]

    Cross Platform AppPhonegapIonic Framework